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Attention: CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED – All passes have been claimed. Thanks for your interest in THE FINEST HOURS.
————————————————————————————————————————————The Finest Hours BannerGo,See,Talk is partnering with Walt Disney Pictures to give film fans FREE passes to a special “Advance Screening” of THE FINEST HOURS starring Chris Pine, Graham McTavish, and Holliday Grainger.

Click the poster below and claim your ticket directly from the See It First website!! 

This screening will take place in DALLAS, TX on
Monday, January 25th at 7:30 PM

The Finest Hours Theatrical

These passes are first-come, first-served so be one of the first people to register for your ticket and you may get to see THE FINEST HOURS before it opens on January 29.

Finally, as always, the ticket is not an assigned seat, just admittance to the theater. Be sure to arrive at least TWO hours before the screening if not earlier to help you secure a good seat. Thanks for your interest and hope to see you at the Cinema!!

In February of 1952, one of the worst storms to ever hit the East Coast struck New England, damaging an oil tanker off the coast of Cape Cod and literally ripping it in half. On a small lifeboat faced with frigid temperatures and 70-foot high waves, four members of the Coast Guard set out to rescue the more than 30 stranded sailors trapped aboard the rapidly-sinking vessel. “The Finest Hours” is the story of their heroic mission, which is still considered the greatest small boat rescue in Coast Guard history.

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  • Ellis Bert

    I am a Coast Guard WWII veteran and my younger daughter is a career officer in the Coast Guard. My wife and I would love to see this movie. Please!!!