Announcement: Go,See,Talk presents The Halloween Monster Mash!

If you’re anything like us over at Go, See, Talk! when it comes to things that go “bump” in the night, then October likely holds distinction as one of the best movie months of the year. No other thirty day stretch (and change!) across the span of the calendar represents and impels celebration of a cinematic genre so well as October; when the leaves start to turn and fall and pumpkins begin to come out in force, that’s the spirit of the season telling you to grab a group of friends and start up your horror movie marathons.

So what better way to honor Halloween than with a month-long tournament in which horror luminaries get pitted against each other in a winner-take-all battle to determine which horror villain truly is the best of the best? The Go, See, Talk! staff proudly present to you the G-S-T Halloween Monster Mash, a knock-down, drag-out slobberknocker to crown the most devious, vicious, gruesome, weird, sinister, or plain old terrifying horror baddie of the lot. But keep in mind, we’re not looking for which of these is the better movie (because some of these are pretty terrible), just the best movie monster. It was hard narrowing them down as we tried to stay away some expected or cliche horror standbys but some things can’t be helped. Opting for a more rounded tournament, we’ve opened this up to a whole mess of misery-inducing, take no prisoners, innovative/inventive and downright frighteningly cool film heavies.

We’ll be kicking off the competition in full force starting on Sunday, October 7th, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled and be prepared to cast your vote for your favorite monsters, serial killers, or freaks in the first round of brackets! And if you want a preview of who will be showing their pretty faces in our little battle of genre supremacy, look no further than the graphic below and see how many of these flicks you’ve caught!

So we’ll see you back here on Sunday, October 7th as the polls will be open for any and all horror fans to try and push their favorite cinematic heavy all the way through the finals. Remember, vote early and vote often!