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Avatar – James Cameron's (14 year old) Baby…

I think everyone (geek and non-geek alike) has, at least, heard about James Cameron’s upcoming AVATAR.  It’s not out our for another 45 days and it’s already being hailed as “the greatest movie ever” and “will change the way we watch films“.  Well that’s all well and good but just remember what hyping something does for a movie…or anything really.  I wrote a post some months back (read it here) all about how hype can create unattainable expectations.  Now I agree with Andy Warhol (little culture for you all) when he says “The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting” but to a certain extent.  It goes without saying that the longer the wait, the closer you are to proving the unwritten universal law that states “The bigger the hype, the greater the let down“.  And being film fans, I don’t think anyone want to be let down.

So, for movie that has been 14 years in the making (that’s a BIG gamble if you ask me), here’s a little bit of exposition beyond the incredibly flashy trailer which is just flat out gorgeous.  Have a look at this little featurette all about Cameron and his quest to create this massive universe he calls “Pandora”.  Also, if you haven’t seen the ‘epic’ trailer yet, click this link to see the trailer on YouTube:

Truth be told, I wasn’t too impressed with the first trailer that came out last month, but this new one and the nifty featurette above have made me change my mind.  I for one had to pick my jaw off the floor after seeing those videos but I’ve long said that visuals alone don’t make a movie great.  Look what happened to the Star Wars prequels if you don’t believe me (curious that those 3 films took about the same time as it has taken Cameron to make 1).  Speaking of, there is talk that this will be the new Star Wars but that remains to be seen.  From the looks of it, this movie might just be the most epic, comprehensive and imaginative sci-fi story to date (or at least to be brought to screen).  Again, this seems like a huge gamble, but regardless, I will put my faith in Cameron’s masterful hands and hope for the best.  I’m not really liking the whole ‘love story’ angle they seem to be alluding to in the trailer, but I’ll still see this film and when it’s in context, I’ll probably be OK with it.  Avatar premiers December 18th, 2009.

How about all of you??  Interested in Avatar??  Anyone dying to see this???


  • Aiden R

    Oh I’ll be seeing it, even thought the trailers have been pretty disappointing. Was under the impression it would be transporting me into the fourth dimension from the all they hype it’s been getting, but whatever, James Cameron kicks ass and is one the best, if not THE best, action directors of all time.

    • Marc

      I bet once the lights go down and the movie starts up, all our reservations will be cast aside and the movie will ROCK…well, that’s what I hope for anyway:)

  • chubbybots

    I’ll definitely be catching this being the sci fi lover. But however calling it the greatest movie before its even out is a way bit too much that I got to agree with you. No doubt he is James Cameron but over hyping the movie will build in too much expectations that will leave many disappointed. Never trust the trailers too much (terminator salvation…).

    Cheers ^^

    • Marc

      Yeah, those trailers can be funny sometimes. As I do with reviews from critics, I tend to ignore it all and see a movie based on a “hunch”. My “hunch” usually fares pretty well. Cameron has made other great movies that, if you think about the premise ahead of time, probably seemed like they would fail…but they didn’t.

  • Rob

    As we talked the other day, all I’ve heard is hype. I finally saw the trailer, and to tell the truth, I’m a little underwhelmed. Must be the day and age when we have the effects of movies like the Star Wars Prequels, Transformers, Iron Man, Star Trek, comic hero movies, remakes, reboots, re-(insert favorite word here) etc etc that desensitizes you to the effects. That and Japan doesn’t get quite the hype that you back home in the states.

    While underwhelmed, I will still go see it though.

    • Marc

      Too bad Rob. You’re in the most technologically advanced and abundant country on earth, but still have to wait for cool things to make it over there as if you’re living in the stone age. Bizarre. Don’t worry if it’s not a wide release, I’ll see the film for you and you can live vicariously through my review:P