Beneath the Earth Film Festival – Official Selections Available On-Line NOW

Happy Friday everyone! A few months ago we posted that yours truly would be participating in the grand jury for an awesome off-the-grid film festival. Based in the Big Apple, the Beneath the Earth Film Festival set to find the best short films out there. The difference here is that the fest would be held exclusively “on-line”. Yup, no need to travel to NYC to partake, this free festival offers these ambitious short films right on the BTE website. I have to say that some of them are very very good and with a little luck I can see some of these filmmakers setting off on a future in film.

But don’t take my word for it, have a look for yourself at the varied and pretty interesting finalists. While I am in fact one of the judges (along with Precious’ own Gabourey Sidibe) you too can cast your vote for the best short by Liking a particular short. Also, for any up to date info check out the BTEFF on Facebook.

Click the image below to be taken to the video page and I hope you find these as fun and entertaining as I did. I’d give you my recommendation but as I don’t want to bias anyone I can tell you they’re all worth your time.

We turn in our vote tomorrow to decide the winner but the videos will stay up for the next 30 days. Check them out and let these filmmakers know what you think of their work by leaving a comment on the BTEFF site. Enjoy and we’ll let you know the results as soon as they’re posted. Happy viewing!!

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  • Rodney

    I too am on the grand jury for this festival – I can vouch for the quality of the films on there! Go over and give them a look!!!

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