Blog-A-Thon: 'Houdini's Magic Ticket'

Hello World, Marc Here,

Today we get to partake in one of the most fun Blog-A-Thons I’ve ever been party to. Dan at has created a doozy of an event that has probably stumped many a film fan with this infinitely creative cinematic quandary. “What would you do if you were given Houdini’s Magic Ticket from the Ah-nuld film Last Action Hero“?

I know that might have you really dig for something creative before you gave your answer, but how about 8 questions that really make you think?? Click below to see the 8 taxing questions that would hopefully make any film fan run wild were they given use of said magic ticket…

Sure we were told we need only answer 2 of the 8, but I went gonzo at the opportunity and answered all of them…


  • What character would you most like to be sat next to on a plane?

Easy, Jack Burton. I’d love to have him recount his stories about 6 Demon Bags, magic potions and how he shook the pillars of heaven by killing that 10 foot tall road block David LoPan. After that I’d just bask in his over the top and cheesy advice/personal antic-dotes.


  • If you were a cop who would you want as your partner?

Sgt. Nicholas Angel. With a partner this good you could pretty much just stay in the car the whole time. He’s no Jackie Chan but Angle, err Angel is also one “cop who can’t be stopped“.


  • What animated feature would you love to walk around in?

Robots. The movie is a little thin and the plot is preachy but the ingenuity behind the landscape and the characters is just beautiful, mechanically speaking. Plus I would take that “crosstown express” any day of the week…twice even.


  • What adventure based on earth would you most like to go on / OR / What adventure based in an otherworldly, fantasy-based location would you most like to go on? 

I would be part of the Seven Samurai (or maybe 13 Assassins). Sure they…wait [SPOILER] don’t all make it in the end but that’s one helluva journey and if you’re going to go down for a cause, you’ll be in good company with some of the finest (albeit thrown together) warriors of all time.


  • What movie gadget would you love to try out (or steal)?

The Cirrus X-3…it’s a rocket…like in the comic books. I thought about the ZF-1 from The Fifth Element but as cool as it is there’s only so many things you can shoot at before you get bored. Now a rocket pack, that’s fun, practical and a handy way to get from point A to point B.


  • What character would you most want to enjoy a passionate romance with?

Easy. Vesper Lynd. Why? Oh I don’t know, maybe because she’s smart, sarcastic and drop dead gorgeous. I need a map because I’m lost in her eyes…


  • What film’s plot would you alter and how would you do it?

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Hmm, where and how to begin? You can start with this:  Lose the aliens, lose the moneys and lose the Shia…in fact, lose the script. *hangs head* God I hate that movie.


  • What one film would you most want to be transported into, simply to be a part of that world?

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. From the Improbability Drive, to Vogon poetry to travelling with “my wonderful towel” there is so much off the wall humor combined with things that are as quirky as they are mystifying, anything and everything in that universe it would just be a blast!


So those were my ideas were I handed Houdini’s magic ticket. Click this link and head over to Dan’s website to see his choices and all the cinebloggers who participated in this…


  • iluvcinema

    Cheers! glad to see that you are in awe of the fantasticness which is Nicholas Angel 🙂

    The cop who cannot be stopped popped into my head and all!

  • TheScarletSp1der

    Hey! Great choices! I palm-planted my head when I saw your cop-partner choice! Great going there!

    and you know what? I almost picked Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy myself. That film was rather fun, huh?!

    Nice list!!

  • Dan

    Jack Burton! Yes! Great choice! Now you’ve got me thinking about Kurt Russell in general – there’s a few of his characters I wouldn’t mind hanging out with.

    I have to say bravo for your choice on romance. What a woman! 🙂

    …and changing Crystal Skull’s plot would be a great idea. What a shame it turned out so poorly.

    • MarcC

      If it wasn’t Jack Burton it would probably be his character from Overboard. MacReady from The Thing probably wouldn’t be a very good conversationalist:)

      I could go on and on about Crystal Skull but I’m glad I refrained, it could have gotten ugly!

      • Dan

        …just wanted to say thanks again for your encouragement and support for this blogathon. With people joining in after the initial posting day I can safely say it has been a huge success and hopefully people have had fun writing about their favourite films in a creative way.

        …I’m now thinking about devoting a special to this every week where I look at different films for each of the questions but only one question/one film each week.

        • MarcC

          Dan, you are more than welcome! So glad you’re pleased with the outcome and glad to see it still going strong. One a week might be ambitious, perhaps 1 a month will be enough to keep you from running out of ideas:P

  • Claire

    Vesper is a beautiful and very clever woman so thumbs up for picking her.

    I almost picked Sgt. Nicholas Angel – Hot Fuzz is one of my favourite films.

    I agree about The Crystal Skull… it’s such a shame it was so, so bad. Definitely take out the aliens!

  • ruth

    Awesome choices Marc! Nicholas Angel is a good one, I still like him even after what he did to my beloved Dalton, ahah.

    And Vesper is my all time fave Bond girl, even I have a girl-crush on her! 😀

    • MarcC

      Surprised you went TD and not Gerry actually…and seems everyone is fond of Vesper. Didn’t know how well received she was.

  • Nostra

    Great choices and that rocket pack sounds like something I would love to use, just imagine how quickly you would be able to get to places…

  • Stella Kuru

    Robots! Yes. I agree about the plot, but what a world…so finely drawn. 😉

    And I love that you chose The Seven Samurai. I think each character learned something during their incredible adventure together, even if, they…well…never mind. That film has inspired so many film makers and you know who I’m talking about.

    Thanks for sharing your list. Enjoyed it!

    • MarcC

      Robots doesn’t get enough credit (artistically speaking) and that’s a crime. Thanks for the comment Stella and welcome to G-S-T!

  • NIck

    Sitting next to Jack Burton on a plane! That’s pretty classic. In fact, I think that should be a movie on all its own. “Sitting Next To Jack Burton On A Plane.” You can’t tell me hijinks wouldn’t ensue.

    • MarcC

      I’m entirely humbled you remembered my post among all the other great participants. Thanks much Dan and again kudos on the success of the blog-a-thon.