[DIFF Video Interview]…’My Way’ Director Kang Je-kyu

The 2012 Dallas International Film Festival is in full swing. One of the highlights and most anticipated films of the Fest is the the South Korean war epic MY WAY. Director Kang Je-kyu, effectively the Steven Spielberg of Korean cinema, is in town to show his film which is easily one of the most noteworthy films […]

[DIFF Review]…Escape Fire

How many pills would you take to feel better or at minimum numb your pain? 2, 5, how about 64…a day? That’s one of the stories explored in Matthew Heineman’s affecting documentary. Escape Fire covers prescription addition, the numbers of the health care industry and more. The documentary starts by describing the term “Escape Fire” and tells of […]

[DIFF Review]…Extraterrestrial

Timecrimes (or Los cronocrímenes) is perhaps one of the best loved time travel films out there, aside from Back to the Future, The Time Machine and Primer of course. In Nacho Vigalondo’s latest feature, Extraterrestrial, he treats us to a more humorous affair with a mixed bag of great romantic comedy-esqe tropes. There’s a lovely female lead, the […]

[DIFF Review]…Compliance

One of the more controversial films of the 2012 Dallas International Film Festival (or any Festival really) is Craig Zobel’s harsh reality-based account of a phone prank pushed entirely too far. Likened, in theory, to the Milgram experiment, Compliance tells a tale of the desire to appease (or comply with) authority figures gone wild. It’s […]

[DIFF Video Interview]…’Bringing Up Bobby’ Writer/Director Famke Janssen

She’s been a model, a Bond girl, a Rounder and an X-Men alum…now Famke Janssen she can add writer, director and producer to her resume. While we know her for her work in front of the camera, Famke Janssen has always had a desire to work behind it as writing has been a long time […]

[DIFF Coverage]…Red Carpet Photos

The 2012 Dallas International Film Festival is in full swing and our little Fest brings in talent and filmmakers from all walks of life. From Bond girls to Vampires to small town Texas talent, if you’re a film fan the DIFF is not to be missed! Here are some photos* of the stars who graced […]

[DIFF Interview]…’Bringing Up Bobby’ Writer/Director Famke Janssen

To Olive, Ukrainian immigrant/single mother, classic films like Bonnie & Clyde and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid aren’t just entertainment, they’re her ticket to the American Dream. So influenced by these larger than life characters Olive sets out to live the way she believes things are normally lived in America. In Bringing Up Bobby, she finds out the hard way […]

[DIFF Feature] Stellar Bodies Revolve Around Each Other in ‘Satellite of Love’

SATELLITE OF LOVE, starring Nathan Phillips (WOLF CREEK), Zachary Knighton (HAPPY ENDINGS), Shannon Lucio (Prison Break) and Janina Gavankar (True Blood), is a story about looking back in search of answers to the mysteries of life, love and friendship. Blake and Samuel are best friends who couldn’t be more different except for one thing: their […]

[DIFF Interview]…’Cinema Six’ Writers/Directors Mark Potts and Cole Selix

In a small town cinema, three friends/employees find themselves on the cusp of something bigger; a baby, an undergrad degree and a better job. Yet all are faced with the same question. Do they stay where they are or brave the unknown and take a chance outside the walls of the Cinema Six? Go,See,Talk sat with […]

[DIFF Interview]…’Faith, Love and Whiskey’ Writer/Director Kristina Nikolova

There’s that old saying that you can never go home. But if you could, what would you do? In writer/director Kristina Nikolova’s film Faith, Love and Whiskey she shows us that it really is possible but also that doing so can also drastically change your life. In her first feature length film, Bulgarian born Nikilova shares with us […]