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Sweet Trailer…'[REC]2' – Teaser

Just file this under “A” for “awesome” and enjoy an early weekend.  After seeing this over-the-top teaser for the sequel to the cult smash [REC], please feel free to call in sick tomorrow and start a fan club to await the day this film is released in the US.  OK, that may be a bit much but this trailer looks AMAZING!!


I like that this is, what looks like, a direct continuation of events in [REC], where a response team enters the same building and begins shooting up the inhabitants.  Funny enough, I actually just saw Quarantine, the American remake of [REC], Tuesday night and I loved it, so I’m excited to see the storyline progress.  One unique, and necessary, element in Quarantine was that the whole movie was filmed in ‘continuous shots’ of about 4 to 5 minutes sequences.  That gave the last 20 minutes, of non-stop action and panic, such realism because it appeared seamless.  It definitely got my heart pounding and that’s something you don’t get from many movies these days.  Only negative I had was that I was upset at the trailer for spoiling the ending.  I was going to write another post about how the trailer industry ruins great parts of movies for me, but the news of this movie makes me not want to write it…yet:)

This film (and the original and Quarantine) will undoubtedly be described as 28 Days Later… (or Dawn of the Dead) meets Cloverfield, but that’s not a bad thing.  In a cinematic world where retreads and remakes abound, its good to see a variation of the same old story but one that’s still compelling.  [REC] and the above mentioned films were good films (and they happened to be successful, which helps) so this direction is proven to be a good one.  Also zombies are a lot more frightening now a days.  For that I’d like to thank Danny Boyle and Zack Snyder for introducing the world to the “Olympic Sprinter” breed of Zombie (which are pretty much the standard now-a-days).  That’s the scariest thing to happen to a zombie since having “make up” that made them look like crayons (sorry, little original Dawn of the Dead humor there).

What do you all think??  Did anyone like [REC], or Quarantie, and want to see this sequel??