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Sweet Trailer…'The Box'

While I’m not a fan of Cameron Diaz in probably anything but The Mask and not interested in seeing Cyclops (James Marsden) with out his “ruby quartz glasses” so this whole movie looks like a mis-cast.  I’d all but pass this movie up completely if it weren’t for the pleasantly creepy and intriguing presence of Frank Langella (and his Jurassic Park sized bite mark on his face).  It’s with that last statment that I’ll say I was surprised by the trailer and not entirely going to skip this movie.  But please have a look at the trailer and maybe you’ll be surprised too.


Personally I think looks like a strange mix up of SAW, The Game, and The Ninth Gate (especially with Frank’s ominous phone voice), and again, that face is just uber creepy.  I’m glad to see Frank getting more work.  I liked him in The Ninth Gate, and thought he nailed the role of Perry White in Superman Returns (although I wish he had more screen time).  What do you all think?  This trailer do anything for you??