ALL PASSES CLAIMED – FREE Advance Screening Passes for FRIGHT NIGHT in Dallas, TX

CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED – All winners have been notified. Thanks for your interest in Fright Night!


Go,See,Talk is partnering with DreamWorks Pictures to give 50 Dallas area film fans FREE passes (good for you +1 guest) to an “Advance Screening” of Fright Night starring Colin FarrellAnton YelchinChristopher Mintz-Plasse and Toni Collette.

The screaming, I mean screening will take place on August 17th at 7:30PM and winners will be notified no later than Monday, August 14th.

So how do you claim/win them?? Simple. Leave an answer the following question in the comment section (remember to include your email address) and we’ll send you your FREE ticket…but it’s first come, first served so act fast!

Be one of the first 50 people to reply to secure your printable ticket which will be sent to your email address. Note: Must be 17 years old or older to win. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Thanks for your interest and hope to see you at the Cinema!!



  1. Would you include flights from the UK in your prize? NO?

    Ok I guess that is me out….

  2. I’d love to get one but I don’t think I have the $$ to fly out to Dallas 🙂 The panel of Fright Night at Comic-con was a blast (Colin is funny!) but the movie is more like a dvd viewing for me actually.

  3. Sam Session says

    Blade obviously. He specializes in weapons designed for killing vampires 🙂

  4. Holly Miller says

    This looks fantastic! Yes!!! I can’t wait! I love vampire movies.

  5. Holly Miller says

    I think Bram Stokers Dracula would win. He is really creepy

  6. Max Rao says

    Blade will win by a long shot!

  7. Toby Row says


  8. Lindsey says

    Well since I have only watched one of these(I know, I know..typical me). I will have to go with Blade. Plus, Wesley Snipes scares me a little bit & I am afraid he would come after me.

  9. Chris Greene says

    Clearly it would be Jerry Dandridge!

  10. Melinda Clark says

    Blade would kick their @$$!!!

  11. Michael says

    Blade rocks!

  12. Christy P says

    Dracula’s mind control!

  13. Scott G says

    I would have to go with Blade… but obiviously Jimmy Bones (as portrayed by Snoop Dogg in the movie “Bones”) would dominate!!

  14. Amy Goodwin says

    Umm… Hello! Blade most def!!

  15. Michael Mo says

    Blade would win easy if there was money in it. Wesley’s got back taxes to pay!

  16. Jesse James says

    Blade would win. He’s have ninja, half vampire.

  17. Latrice Taylor says

    blade…no competition. he’s a daywalker, a martial artist, and totally bada$$.