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[DIFF Video Interview]…’Bringing Up Bobby’ Writer/Director Famke Janssen

She’s been a model, a Bond girl, a Rounder and an X-Men alum…now Famke Janssen she can add writer, director and producer to her resume. While we know her for her work in front of the camera, Famke Janssen has always had a desire to work behind it as writing has been a long time passion of hers. Previously I had an immensely insightful 45 minute phone conversation about Bringing Up Bobby, but the journey to bring her film to life was so interesting I just had to talk to her again.

Here’s the interview with Famke Janssen who was in town for the 2012 Dallas International Film Festival promoting her directorial debut Bringing Up Bobby.

If you missed Bringing Up Bobby at the Festival, here’s the synopsis:

Olivia is a con artist who will do anything for her 10-year-old son, Bobby, but giving him the best in life with no money coming in isn’t easy.

The mother (Milla Jovovich) and son (Spencer List) in BRINGING UP BOBBY find themselves in Oklahoma with hopes of building a better life outside of grifting. They blithely charm their way from one adventure to another until Olive’s criminal past finally catches up with her. Now, she must make the most difficult choice of her life: stay with her son and risk turning him into a criminal, or leave him to afford him a better opportunity.

Reminiscent of a modern-day Bonnie & Clyde crossed with THELMA & LOUISE and also starring and Bill Pullman and Marcia Cross, BRINGING UP BOBBY is the directorial debut of award-winning Dutch actress Famke Janssen (GOLDENEYE, the X-MEN films, Nip/Tuck).