Director Matt Schrader and Team Launch SCORE: The Podcast

A few years ago, we got to speak with Matt Schrader while he was in the thick of amassing his one-of-a-kind feature film, SCORE: A Film Music Documentary. While things were a work in progress, Schrader offered up plenty – everything from his love of film scores, the impetus for the doc as well as the staggering number of high-profile artists he had already sat with. Check out that insightful piece here.

When the film finally hit theaters (during a very successful run on the film festival circuit and beyond), the doc was ever so much more than discerning, demanding and devout film score fans expected. For all involved, calling it a dream come true would be an understatement. For the rest of us, Schrader and team had done the fan base, and the industry a great service by helping expose and celebrate this amazing and emotional component of motion pictures to an even wider audience. For that, Mr. Schrader, we salute you.

But it didn’t end there. The Epricleff Media team took the entirety of each interview (as the 93-minute film could only exhibit core aspects of its time with the likes of Zimmer, Jablonsky, Jackman, Tyler, et al) and published a book of those sessions. Kickstarter supporters were offered Vol 1 featuring some of the video interviews on DVD (as a supplement to the Blu-Ray release), and Vol 2 was released in January. Well, film fans, the hits just keep on coming.

Parlaying that great relationship Schrader and Kenny Holmes has with the likes of Robert Kraft and all the composers in the doc, Epicleff Media has and is currently producing a podcast called, wait for it, SCORE: The Podcast. Hmm, this branding kind of reminds me of Spaceballs. Anyway, for those who just can’t get enough info about what went into composing, orchestrating, and executing some of their favorite scores, this podcast is for YOU. And a bonus, you can find them on YouTube in addition to many podcast channels listed below.

With unrivaled access and the unique spin of being recorded inside the composers’ own studios, SCORE: The Podcast will feature live conversation, music, and pre-produced segments called “Behind the Score”. Each episode is wrapped up with a game where everyone listens to famous cues from a particular composer and they have to guess the theme…only the music is played backwards. Listeners can play along to win soundtracks and autographed prizes.

So, for your listening enjoyment, here are the first four installments of SCORE: The Podcast!

Stay tuned to their YouTube channel for more and let us know what you thought of these first episodes. We can’t wait to hear who they will speak with next!

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