Even great actors get their feathers ruffled…

Hello World, Marc Here:

It’s long been said that Hugh Jackman is the nicest and classiest man in show business right now.  And when you think of how well he did with the recent Oscars, he is easily a cut above other talented actors like Russell Crowe and Christian Bale who have a reputation for their tempers.

Well it seems that really no one person is immune to the rampant stupidity that abounds in this world.  In the video below you’ll see Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig acting in a play when they are interrupted by a phone as it goes off in the first row.  This proves to be to much for Mr. Nice Guy (Jackman) but to his credit, he handles the disruption in an angered but classy and entertaining way (and in character no less!)…same for Daniel Craig who tries to get the play back on it’s feet at the end of the outburst…

My hat is off to you two for being able to roll with the punches and for making headlines with the “grown up” way of handling an irritating situation.  I guess, if it were me in that situation, I’d fall into the category where, once the dust had settled, I would have been compared to Bale and Crowe.  Does there need to be a mandatory phone-check stand in theaters for those moronic souls who can’t remember to turn their phones off? (EMS employees obviously and recognizably excluded)

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  • Aiden R

    I would’ve smashed that phone on the ground right there and then and told the owner to go fuck himself. Mass high tens would ensue.