Exclusive…BBC/Netflix’s ‘Bodyguard’ Theme Remixed by Paul Hartnoll from Orbital

In what should be news to no one, Netflix’s original content has been steadily increasing in both quantity and quality. And if you’ve been keeping up, their TV shows have not only been binge-worthy, they are also exceptionally entertaining. One such show is Bodyguard.

Today, we’re thrilled to offer an exclusive for fans of the show: a remix of the Ruth Barrett composed theme reimagined by Paul Hartnoll from Orbital. Ruth is a fan of Hartnoll, and if you remember The Saint theme they did then this is as welcomed as it is enjoyable. Have a listen to the track below…

Ruth Barrett is one of the most sought-after film and television composers today. Her unmistakably original and eclectic music has been featured in films and high-end TV drama alike. In addition to Bodyguard; she’s scored Daisy Goodwin’s hit tv-series Victoria, Pete Travis’ City of Tiny Lights, Daniel Barber’s Harry Brown, David Hare’s Collateral, and many more.

As for the remix, Ruth had this to say about working with Hartnoll whom she specifically sought out for this project:

“I approached Paul Hartnoll as I have long been a fan of Orbital and his soundtrack work. He had seen the show and loved it, so was up for experimenting with the theme track. There is no melody or obvious harmonic structure, so any additional harmonies wouldn’t really work.
The Bodyguard theme has a late night clubby feel with a repetitive beat, which was crying out for a remix. My brief to Paul was this: Keep it dirty and simple, stay with the main components of the theme but work your magic around it. The main element was for him to keep the sound and  think about the toxic relationship between the two leads, and also  to just have fun with it and see what he could come up with off the cuff. 

He had perfectly captured the spirit and essence of the show, plus put his own unique spin on it.”

Dubois Records will officially release the track and cover art on Monday, December 16th.

Starring Keely Hawes and Richard Madden, Bodyguard is a contemporary thriller centered around David Budd, a Specialist Protection Officer for the Royalty and Specialist Protection Branch of London’s Metropolitan Police Service, who when assigned to protect the ambitious and powerful Home Secretary Julia Montague, whose politics stand for everything he despises, finds himself torn between his duty and beliefs.