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[Fantastic Fest Interview]…Director Martin Krejčí on ‘The True Adventures of Wolfboy’

While at Fantastic Fest, it’s not often you find feel-good, heart-warming yarns amid the plethora of films about yakuza, murderers, zombies or other genre staples. But The True Adventures of Wolfboy is as unexpected as it is honest, and it’s a wondrous take on the “it’s ok to be you” type of film. After all, would you have icons of the indie film scene like Chris Messina or John Turturro if it wasn’t a quality story? Didn’t think so.

The film is about a 13 year-old boy, Paul (played by prolific young actor Jaeden Martell), who suffers from hypertrichosis — which covers him with animal-like fur. He knows he’s not like other kids. But a seemingly random package from his estranged mother will send him on a journey of self-discovery alongside extraordinary characters.

We sat with director Martin Krejčí to discuss his impacting film.