Latest Cinematic Meme…”Fifteen Movie Questions”

Andy, the great and masterful proprietor of Fandango Groovers (and recent recipient of the 2011 LAMMY for Best Blog-A-Thon) tagged me in this late Spring Meme that’s been going around. This one was pretty fun one so I don’t mind being tagged. Anyway, for your entertainment, here goes nothing:


Q1.) Movie you love with a passion?

My favorite movie made all the more sweet because it’s signed with love (and a misspelling) by John Carpenter!

Big Trouble in Little of course. It was going to be The Rocketeer but Cliff and the Cirrus X-3 just can’t quite top the antics of one Jack Burton. “Who?“…”Jack.  Burton.  ME!!” Which reminds me, I really need to do an Off the Shelf review sometime soon…


Q2.) Movie you vow to never watch?

Meet the Spartans – which is interchangeable with pretty much any of those horrid Scary, Disaster, Date, etc Movie flicks. No they’re not parodies as “parody” usually embodies a good level of wit. Those are just lame fart jokes and pop culture references not to mention being mind-numbingly insipid. What’s that? Ok, ok I’ll get off the soap box now.


Q3.) Movie that literally left you speechless?

The Usual Suspects – that reveal at the end in conjunction with Kevin Spacey’s send off line “And just like that, he’s gone” knocked the wind right out of me. Holee sheet was that awesome!!


Q4.) Movie you always recommend?

It used to be Memento but that’s before anyone knew who the cool indie filmmaker named Chris Nolan was. Now it’s 13 Assassins. Say it with me, 13 Assassins…good, now hurry off to the stunning and jaw dropping 45 minute finale!! (Honorable Mentions would go to: Assassination of a High School President, The Brothers Bloom and City Island for being quirky underrated gems)


Q5.) Actor/actress you always watch, no matter how crappy the movie?

Owen Wilson – Yeah he can be bad at times but there’s something about his delivery that always makes me laugh.


Q6.) Actor/actress you don’t get the appeal for?

Ben Stiller – Might be hypocritical since I named Owen Wilson in the question above but Stiller is way worse. Can someone please take the stick away from him? Listen to me Ben, the joke is dead, you can’t beat it anymore!


Q7.) Actor/actress, living or dead, you’d love to meet?

Mark Strong – because he’s Mark Strong! You don’t get much classier than him and aside from Russell Crowe he’s probably the finest working actor living today.


Q8.) Sexiest actor/actress you’ve seen?

Eva Green – I really wanted to use this picture but decided it was a bit much for the site. But for you Green fans out there, do yourself a favor and watch The Dreamers. Some scenes will irk you but you’ll thank me for the Eva Greenness of it all:)


Q9.) Dream cast?

Tough call. I’ve tried it once (seen in the pic above)  in the Fantasy Hollywood Draft but no matter what I do I’ve always been partial to the inspired and rather brilliant casting from Ruth at FlixChatter. Check her’s out here.


Q10.) Favorite actor pairing?

Tom Hanks and John Candy – Volunteers wasn’t the most famous of their efforts but they had simply amazing chemistry.


Q11.) Favorite movie setting?

Feudal (pre-Westernized) Japan – The back drop for some of my all time favorite movies: Yojimbo, 13 Assassins, The Last Samurai, Memoirs of a Geisha to name a few.


Q12.) Favorite decade for movies?

Cheap answer but as I’m an 80’s child through and through I’m going with what I know best. Further the 80’s forever indelibly defined my tastes and made me the film fan I am today. Yes there was a lot of crap but the 80’s also has some of the all time greats!!


Q13.) Chick flick or action movie? Depends. Does it have Eva Green? No? then “Action Movie”


Q14.) Hero, villain or anti-hero?

Anti-Hero; usually as cool as the villain and sometimes gets the girl…even if he doesn’t really want her. Do the names Yojimbo and Jack Burton ring any bells for you? Class that lot.


Q15.) Black and white or color?

Black and white is classy and helps sell the mood/story but I think color is needed to sell the vibrancy of cinematography, costumes, set design and effects…even more so these days.


Annnnd the moment you’ve all been waiting for, choosing those cinebloggers who must now take up the 15 Question Challenge:

Harumph…since I got tagged so late in the game I guess it’s that old saying about the last one at the table getting stuck with the check. Not many left I’m afraid. Still, I did a check and as far as I can tell these bloggers haven’t had the pleasure of the 15 Questions Meme. For that, you have my apologies:)

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