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Finally…the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Trailer

Well it looks as if the wait is over (for the trailer anyway)…we’ve finally been given a taste of Guy Ritchie’s take on Sherlock Holmes.  I’ve written before about how big of a Guy Ritchie fan I am and how was excited about this film’s existence and development.  Throw in uber-talent like Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Strong and I think we’ve got one great story in store for us.  So if you’ve not seen this in the past 2 days, sit back, relax and get ready for a Sherlock Holmes story that “ain’t your grandpa’s Sherlock Holmes”.


I’m very eager to see this but like all great things we’ve got more waiting ahead of us…as in Christmas.  We’ll, I’ll say that’ll be one present I’m fine waiting for and I’ll be glad to get this December 25th…no matter how it plays out it’s got to be better than that Marley and Me I had to sit through last year.

Anyway…what do you all think?  Like the direction??  Still excited after all this time in the dark??