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First Official Teaser for 'Carrie'

MGM’s remake of Brian De Palma’s classic teen horror film, Carrie, is a very, very real thing, and the release of the first official trailer for the project solidifies that fact. We’ve seen posters and production stills featuring star Chloë Grace Moretz in what’s clearly the film’s last act; maybe unsurprisingly, the teaser, seen below, continues holding the party line by displaying Ms. Moretz in full crimson-soaked attire. Is there no other way to sell this picture than to point to its finale?

If anything, the footage appears to confirm the murmurings that Kimberly Peirce intends to keep the film closer to Stephen King’s original story; while it’s a short clip, it’s all one big tracking shot displaying havoc across the span of the town. So Carrie 2.0 seems like it’s going to be bigger than De Palma’s film. There’s nothing really wrong with that at face value, but honestly, this doesn’t impress me all that much. I get the sense that this sequence won’t actually appear in the final picture, either– there’s no narrative to it, no purpose other than to sell Moretz to the audience– but if that’s the case, don’t bother showing it.

I’m not against the production, mind– just cautious. My hope is that Carrie (scheduled for release on March 15th, 2013) successfully captures the intimate primary narrative within the greater scope Peirce is shooting for here. How about the rest of you?