Friday Odds and Ends…

Hello World, Marc Here:

Today is Friday and while there’s movie news out there that’s probably worth talking about I have something that deserves just a bit more fanfare. Tomorrow is G-S-T co-founder Rob’s birthday but since it’s already tomorrow in Japan (read: where he lives), that means he celebrates it today. For him it’s kind of like the convenience of time traveling without the cumbersome flux capacitor (hence the BTTF image in the header). So feel free to send him well wishes by means of comments, including but not limited to lottery ticket numbers because, due to his time advantage, he can tell us if they were in fact winning numbers:P

Also the wife and I finally finished the final season of LOST. While most of you are in the know as to how it ended, I am just now coming to grips with two kinds of disappointment. The first being that we no longer will be able to follow the adventures of Kate, Hurley, Sun, Jun, Sawyer, Jack, Desmond and the bunch…pity. The second being the nearly lackluster finale and its quasi-ambiguous ending. To help reconcile my feeling on the latter disappointment, I refer you to the following video.

Another from How It Should Have Ended (yes, three videos plus one trailer in one week proves that I am in fact lazy) brings some much needed levity to the finale…plus the final scene just cracks me up. Enjoy!!

So since I’m now caught up with all you regular LOST fans, does anyone recall how it ended? What were your thoughts?? Anyone think it was too tied up and therefore vague and missing more exposition? I sure did…but I still enjoyed the ride.

Happy Friday everyone!! Anyone seeing anything this weekend? I’m checking out Let Me In so look for that review to post on Monday.