G-S-T Quick 5 – Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasure films usually fall into 1 of 3 categories 1.) Ones we don’t tell anyone we own 2.) Ones we don’t watch with anyone or 3.) Ones we just can’t figure what makes it so morbidly appealing. Now it may be one or two of the 3 said categories, but if all three do in fact apply, then you’ve either got a porno/snuff film or some kind of utterly terrible My Little Pony film…in that case you’ve probably come to this site looking for the wrong Guilty Pleasures:)

Inspired by both Olive (of Movie News First) and Kai (of The List), I have gotten the urge to not only list my favorite Guilty Pleasures, but explain why you should take a chance on them. Whether or not you do is still up to you of course, but I highly discourage finger-pointing and laughing at my choices. After all, its taken a lot of courage just to share these titles with you:)

Here they are, the guilty pleasures I just can’t avoid. To be really honest not all of these are guilty pleasures but are films that deserve a little defending as they’re not really bad at all, and are ones that I enjoy even more after every viewing:


Encino Man – Boy I just can’t get enough of this movie! To me, I don’t know if it is the appeal of Pauly Shore in his heyday, or what but there are quirky bits about this movie that I just flat out enjoy. Maybe it’s Brendan Fraser in his 3rd in a series of 6 social isolate roles, or maybe it was a pre-Hobbit Sean Astin, as well as former Goonie Data in a very small role. Either way, this is a mix of early 90’s nostalgia, some decent music (the “I’m Too Sexy” song/scene just makes me laugh) and of course, some truly great lines from Richard Masur. Except for Austin (and the pre-Mummy Fraser), the entire cast pretty much peaked at Encino Man. Ah, those were the days:P Now this movie isn’t as guilty as some of the others but I think it’s a good place to start.


Hollywood Homicide – Aside from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, no other Harrison Ford movie (that I can recall) gets as much flack. Personally I don’t see why. This movie is just another in a series of not so buddy cop movies, but the humor content is set firmly on High. Sure Ford has made some stinkers but I don’t think this is one of them. Hollywood Homicide has some jokes that aren’t the typical slapstick that runs in other cop movies, but it’s smarter. Admittedly the plot was a bit weird and I never will consider Dwight Yokum (really? you couldn’t get anyone esle?…Well who do you suggest Marc?…ANYONE!) as an actor. Also Josh Hartnett is a better actor than people give him credit for and while I will never take him seriously doing a serious role, his off beat personality works perfectly in this off beat role. Plus how anyone can bash a movie that has the dependable Keith David is beyond me.


The Arrival – This was made during the questionable Charlie Sheen years. Bouncing from one drug to another from B-Movie to B-Movie, no one knew where the former Oliver Stone alumn was headed. So enter Bud Fox to asci-fi mystery. It’s all there in the plot: aliens communicating with Earth, the signals not coming to earth, but coming from earth…du, dun dun! All that was needed was to get a decent actor. I guess some studio exec said “Charlie Sheen will do, I mean he did that motor cycle movie right?”. Well you know what? Sheen did fine in it, as did Teri Polo and the always impressive Ron Silver. The movie has suspense, intrigue, aliens and commendable sets and alien technology. What the film didn’t do is finish the job. One of the best and untapped open ending I’ve ever seen…could have done so much better than that ill-fated, shoe string budget sequel I wish I could unsee.


Cellular – While Chris Evans is very nearly a household name, I can’t say he’s 100% there yet until he plays the lead in the upcoming Captain America. However he got a closer toward that end goal by starring in this technologically trendy thriller (try saying that 3 times fast). Admittedly the execs who green-lit this film saw waaaay too many “Can You Hear Me Now?” commercials. Yet as much as people probably turned their noses up during the trailer, I bet a good amount of people (who liked the idea) felt pretty happy for having stuck this out for the full run time. Anyway way you slice it, this film is more fun that people would like to admit. It had a sense of mystery, a good amount of charismatic joking from Chris Evans, and, co-starring Jason “The Transporter” Statham, the action content was ramped up pretty high. Who says a teenage aimed flick about a technological vice won’t work? If this had not starred Evans, Statham, Kim Basinger and Bill Macy, this would probably wind up in some supermarket $3.99 bin…actually I think it’s there now, but at least this one is fun and watchable! Oh and I’m just a sucker for that (admittedly overused) Verve Remixed song “Sinnerman” they used in the end credits…maybe that sealed the deal:)


Kickboxer – In the world of JCVD, one title is usually championed by fans of Van Damme: Bloodsport. But you won’t find me singing it’s praises…quite the opposite actually. This equally pleasing but terribly dubbed film offers something much better than Bolo Yeung. This features the fabled Thai Kickboxer Tong Po (played by the real life Michel Qissi). Not good enough you say? Well how about a fierce training regimen showboating JCVD’s high kicking ability (rivaled only by the ego trip of a Tom Cruise actioner)? Still not enough?? Then how about a life or death underground kickboxing match replete with the feared “glass laced boxing gloves”? If that’s not enough to send you into Guilty Pleasure overload, then maybe you need to sit down with Tango & Cash and split a 30 pack with your friends, because we just don’t see eye to eye. I would take Kickboxer over Bloodsport any day of the week, as it sooo borders on that “so bad it’s good territory” but JCVD pulls himself back from the summit of that void…with splits and style that only the “Muscles from Brussels” can deliver.


So that’s the Guilty Pleasures I’ll name for now…I’ve got some more “Aces up my sleeve” that I’ll share some other time:) But what about you at home? What are the ones you love?? I’d love to hear your favorites!


  1. Jessica says

    As I am Catholic I will post this as a confession. Forgive me father for I have sinned. IT has been 3 months since my last movie confession. Here it goes:
    1.) Clueless- As a bored tween I learned every line of this movie and am ashamed to say I still do.
    2.) Son-In-Law- Yes, I too had a liking of Pauly Shore back in the day.
    3.) Rocky Horror Picture Show- It’s just plain fun and wrong (the best kind of fun).

    That’s all I’ll own up to in a public forum such as this.

    • Have not seen a single one of those Jessica. I am the most leery about Rocky Horror. I’ve heard that one you either love or hate…no middle ground. The others I can totally see as Guilty Pleasures…and thanks for calling yourself out as a closet Shore fan:)

  2. Castor says

    Haven’t seen Cellular but I have heard some decent things about it. Good to see your guilty pleasures are not all rom-coms as most guys (including me) put on this kind of list.

    • Yeah, I was surprised when I found that I had watched the whole thing…and it was all because of Evans’ likability. It started of like some weak tween drama but it got much better.

      Also, I’m just not a fan of any Rom-Coms but when the wife and I watched Sex and the City the movie, I thought for sure I would have walked out of the living room, but I didn’t. I like it quite a bit…strange huh?

  3. I must admit I don’t think I have seen any of these yet!
    I like the sound of The Arrival. Everyone ought to have a Charlie Sheen B-Movie collection 🙂

    • The Arrival is quite, how shall I put this? Oh yea, it is…awesome!! Sure this movie isn’t for everyone and early 90’s B movie are everything you’d expect them to be. But watch this for the story (and not the effects) and I think it’ll surprise you! And as far as Charlie Sheen B-Movies collections go, everyone should add Men at Work to it as well as The Wraith…now that’s a guilty pleasure for sure!

  4. Kickboxer is a guilty pleasure if your not a dude. If you are a dude, its great to admit you like this movie.

    • Well nice to finally find someone who isn’t all about Bloodsport. To that I say thanks for the comment Dan…as you are one of the few people who knows what “Nok Su Kow” means:)

  5. Ooh… Hollywood Homicide is pretty bad. And I’m a Bloodsport fan myself but great list. Personally, I want to redo mine… my only criteria the first time was films I would justify as actually being really good though are niot viewed as such… except for Step Up 2… I have no excuse for that but will watch it ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!!! 🙂

    • I have to admit, I was amazed at how elaborate, intricate and flat out jawdropping some of the dancing was in Step Up 2…of course I couldn’t take my eyes of the cuteness that is Briana Evigan:) You know for playing the lead, I was surprised there were so many dancers that were better than her…yeah, I watched the whole movie:P

    • Heather says

      I was just going to mention that I prefer Bloodsport over Kickboxer, or even Timecop for Jean Claude movies!

      • Yeah, most people do take Bloodsport over Kickboxer, but Timecop…oh the awesome awfulness of JCVD was truly a special time in history:) I like Death Warrant myself (just don’t tell anyone)

  6. Many moons ago, when I was just a young naiive little blogger, I did a post like this of my own top five guilty pleasures.

    Give it a look, won’t you?

    • OK Hatter, so am I still that “naive little blogger” threshold? If so, when do I get to be at the big kids table??
      Also, plugging your own site while not commenting on my list huh? Crafty:P

      • Actually that was poorly phrased, since I still see myself as a “Naive Little Blogger” more days than not.

        So make some room for me at the kid’s table and pass the mashed potatoes.

        • Hahahahahaha!! Mashed potatoes, check! We’ll get another mismatched chair warmed up for you, and we’ve got coloring books too:)

  7. Heather says

    For me it’s gotta be Tremors, Masters Of The Universe, Dude Wheres My Car, Universal Soldier, and Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead. 🙂

    • Ohhh, Masters of the Universe is sooo bad. Didn’t think I’d ever hear anyone admit to liking it, let alone a woman…you’re a rare breed Heather:)

      But I agree with you on Dude, Where’s My Car…that is a guilty pleasure for sure…as it Tremors. I held off putting G.I. Joe on there. While I love it, I know it’s not very good but while I’m the only person on earth defending it, it is just a fun ride:)

  8. I give you tremendous credit for admitting to this. Truth is, we all have bad films that we know are bad, but we love em anyway. Sadly, my #1 would be “Roadhouse.” Awful film that I can’t look away from. I have to think of a few more and post mine up on my site. Thanks for the read….great site btw….If you wanna teem up on the blogrolls, let me know!

  9. Roadhouse is pretty bad but in the “so bad it’s good” way, especially with some of those great one liners…but non better than “A polar bear fell on me”
    Sure thing, Blogroll exchange welcome:)