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G-S-T Quick 5 – Movies That Should Be on Blu Ray

With the abundance of Blu Ray titles on the market, I find myself thinking that there are a few worthy (and much-needed) titles that deserve the “New Blu Treatment”. I know it’s a slow process as there’s got to be an incredible back log of films still to be made over. Yet, as I see what has been released the more, I feel sorry for these titles not getting a fair shake and my heart goes out to the patient fans who remain wanting.

What’s worse it that some of these films never even got anything more that a “VHS dump” version on DVD. So the fact that they are still M.I.A. as far as Blu Ray goes, I’m this close to getting my torch and pitchfork and heading to Hollywood. As a huge fan of all 5 films, I think it’s high time these films got their due on the crystal clear Blu Ray.

Maybe these titles won’t make the studios tons of money on the back-end, but as far as us fans go, we’ll certainly fork over our money on the day these are even announced for their Blu Ray upgrade. So without taking my sweet time (like the studios seem to be doing) here are Go,See, Talk’s “5 Movies That Should Be on Blu Ray“.


The Rocketeer – I LOVE this movie and if ever there was a fun action movie that deserved to be given a refreshing it’s The Rocketeer.  Some might say it’s Indiana Jones with a rocket pack, but despite the Nazi plot line, it stands apart and is just a fantastic movie. With all fine cast, great visuals, James Horner’s finest score and of course the thrilling rocket-pack scenes, this on BRD would make it seem like Cliff is right in your living room!! To quote Cliff himself, “Now this I gotta see!


Dick Tracy – Such a vivid and lavishly shot movie it is a  Doesn’t all those primary colors just scream to be played on an 1080p television? Just another fun comic book type movie that would benefit on BD. There’s such intricacy in the characters and above all, Al Pacino just disappears into Big Boy Caprice…or maybe he disappears in mess of grain. How about we get a cleaned up version??


The Game – Sure it’s on HD but HD (like BetaMax) lost the format war. Looks like no one  gets to play that game…pity. So if no one is going to give Fincher his justice with a respectable BD transfer, then how about someone make an HD player that can play HD and BD discs? That would allow me to then get the current failed format disc for about $0.20 on Amazon. Yes a whole $0.20…don’t believe me, see for yourselves.


And Then There Were None – The quintessential who done it/twist ending. It is a crime that this has not been better preserved and made available to film fans. It would look so glorious on Blu- Ray if they can make the transfer look anything close to Casablanca. Further, anything with Walter Houston is a classic, so what’s the hold up. After all, it looks like Amazon is expecting Treasure of the Sierra Madre on BD but no date is set yet. How about


Who Framed Roger Rabbit – In short…Pppplllease put Roger on Blu Ray!! I already bought the Vista Series DVD a few years ago but I would without question buy it again on Blu Ray. Nostalgia is a worthy cause. Knock, Knock…Who’s there?…Marc, it’s your childhood, we need 20 bucks…sure, thing! [wallet rips open] Here you go!!!


And while I’m at it, two films I also love seem to have made it half way to my “Sacred Shelves”. The Island and Dances With Wolves have become BD titles but they are imports (which blows). How about we bring these titles home (and more importantly make them cheaper)?? But anyway, that’s my list! What are you still waiting to see converted??


  • mcarteratthemovies

    You’re maybe one of six people on Earth I’ve met — well, “met” in the since I’ve never seen you or talked to you but e-mail you and read your blog all the time — who knows about “The Game” and likes it as much as I do. It’s one of the first DVDs I bought (along with “Deep Blue Sea”), and since I haven’t moved to Blu Ray yet I can’t summon up as much vigor as you for a Blu Ray copy.

    But if I DID have a Blu Ray player, I’d be feelin’ the righteous movie rage right along with you.

    • Marc

      Well it’s like that saying: “Birds of a feather flock together”:P But I’m glad I got your attention regarding The Game because….drum roll please….guess what I post tomorrow??:)

  • Ross McG

    man, you love Deep Blue Sea M Carter…
    i want I Went Down and Something Wicked This Way Comes on Region 2 DVD, nevermind blu ray

    • Marc

      While I haven’t see either film Ross, I will consider your taste in entertainment as a sign these are quality titles:)
      And to that I’ll say “Hey Hollywood, give Ross what he wants, or he’ll get angry…and you won’t like him when he’s angry!!”

  • rtm

    You know what I’d say, Marc. High five on Rocketeer!! Yes, that’d be awesome on Blu Ray and count me in as one who really dig The Game, too, it’s an awesome thriller and I didn’t see the twist coming. I think eventually both of them will be on Blu Ray, those are pretty much cult favorites.

    • Marc

      It’s sad that The Rocketeer didn’t get a Special Edition, but that just means it’s be all the more satisfying to us fans when (and if) it becomes a BRD.
      I wonder, does writing a letter to the studios have any effect anymore…oh that’s right, it doesn’t. That’s why we got Kingdom of the Crystal Skull…I keep forgetting:P

  • Steve

    You totally beat me to the punch on this one! I’ve been crafting my own list for the past couple weeks. Some of the titles I’m after I haven’t even seen on DVD yet. I’ll give you the trackback when I post because I’m gracious about coming in second. 😉

    • Marc

      You are an honorable man Steve…you have my gratitude! Should this happen again I will certainly acquiesce and give you the road:P