G-S-T Top 10 – Favorite High School/College Films

Let me just say that you’re not going to find any classic John Hughes movies here. I tried to stay away from that simply because John Hughes movies should have their own category. Also the American Pie films will not be found either as I think they really are too exaggerated and therefore stupid so they don’t meet the same level of comic (and also raunchy) genius these films attain. That may be both biased and hypocritical when you take a look at the Top 10 below.

That said, here are the films we love to watch whenever we start to miss College or think about how rough of a time we had it in High School. Either way you slice it, these films are a fun trip down memory lane…even if they aren’t our memories. Anyway I’m bored and couldn’t think of anything more to say…so on to the keg kraziness!!!


Animal House – The be all, end all, college film. No other film will come close and it is still insanely funny, relevant and beloved to this day. Probably National Lampoon’s best and while nearly every recent film (except for Van Wilder) has been just awful, it’s nice to go back to Delta house for some solid laughs…and history lessons. “Was it over, when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?“…”Germans?”…”Forget it, he’s rolling


Risky Business – While having less to do with the challenges of high school and more the troubles of a kid trying to handle adult situations, this movie does nothing but shine. Dropping your dad’s Porsche in Lake Michigan seems slightly more important than a mid-term exam. One of the first Cruise movies that solidified his continued career success, this is both a staple Tom and 80’s movie. “Time of your life, huh kid?


Van Wilder – Not many people (namely me) expected anything from this but boy was it a undiscovered treat. Sure, looking back you can see how it advanced the career of Kal Penn, made Ryan Reynolds a super star (and super hero as both Deadpool and Green Lantern) and kept Tara Reid’s career in a perpetual stall. Hell, for a movie this funny (and quotable), 2 out of 3 ain’t bad at all.


Road Trip – Tom Green aside, this movie is still funny. Oh what the hell, he was decent in this and even his presence didn’t keep me from liking Road Trip. That and I was in college when it came out so, at the time it, was somewhat relevant. But the sure fire winners of this movie for me were Breckin Meyer and Amy Smart (who paired up again in Rat Race), a slightly older Stifler (Seann William Scott) and DJ Qualls. Look at that, he gets two movies on this list and that’s gotta say something…I just don’t know what it is except: it’s OK to laugh at skinny white guys maybe?


EuroTrip – While this movie comes dangerously close to the mind numbing stupidity of the American Pie movies, one character makes this tolerable and keeps this on the list. Some of the very best lines came from Jacob Pitts who after this movie has taken more serious roles in 21 and the brilliant new show Justified. Cooper…where did you get that awesome t-shirt at the end of the movie??


Sex Drive – I took a chance on this because it was on Netflix Instant and while it was outrageous it was also funny as hell. There were 3 things in this movie did it for me Seth Green, Seth Green and Seth Green. Playing a sarcastic Amish farmer he was the best part of the movie. Points to the writers for making this slightly longer than average comedy feel complete and not stretching for material. Also note the great humor from Clark Duke (who is in the upcoming Kick-Ass).


Not Another Teen Movie – When I said “no John Hughes movies”, I didn’t mean “no John Hughes spoofs”. This was an awesome accumulation of his movies as well as some more (at the time) recent spoofs on She’s All That, Varsity Blues and the like. People called me crazy for thinking Chris Evans would make something of himself…who has the last laugh now boys?? Man, I only wish I’d made a bet on that:(


The New Guy – If you’re DJ Qualls, it seems you just can’t get any respect either in College or High School. But thanks to screenwriters and some friendly advice from Eddie Griffin, you can still get the girl and be the hero. The Geek shall inherit the Earth…is that too cliche?


Superbad – While this movie stars 3 kids that pretty much everyone on the planet is starting to grow tired of seeing, it is still, to me, just damn funny. Exhibiting the heart that is constant in all Judd Apatow productions, Superbad keeps from being a raunchy film just for the sake of being raunchy. Either way, it is funnier than you’d imagine and has a great amount of replayability…I think anyway. Although I’m glad people stopped quoting it all the time actually. “Fogell, you look like Aladdin“…sorry, couldn’t help myself.


Three O’Clock High – For every kid who was ever picked on in High School, no foe could be more menacing or feared as Buddy Revell. This actually had Steven Spielberg attached to it (in some form) but he thought the movie was so bad, he removed his name from it completely. Well Steven, you may be the biggest director in the world, but here in Cult Classic Land, we’re having lots of fun with it and others like it. Question for ya Steve-o…is it cold sitting out there all alone outside the gates of CCL? I bet it is:P


Honorable Mention: High School High – Basically because I am a big John Lovitz fan.

So that’s what takes me back to High School and College when the mood hits me. It’s a hell of a lot more interesting than looking at my year book I can tell you that. Also, seeing someone else living all those crazy College nights I have no memory of (but somehow have lots of photos) makes me feel I’m in good company. Anyone have any favorites they think should be on this list?


  1. mcarteratthemovies says

    Dude, you are a dude after my own heart for including “The New Guy” AND “High School High” in this list. Me oh my. Guess it’s true when they say all the good ones are taken!

    Still, no “Breakfast Club”? No “Some Kind of Wonderful”? And where oh where is “Heathers”? I cannot think the phrase “high school movie” and not include “Heathers” in there.

    • I truly like nothing more than to hear I hit a nerve with M.Carter every time I post a movie I both love/think is obscure:) Flattery given, flattery taken;)

      But here’s where I get off the M.Carter favorite list…I’ve never been a fan of Heathers (think I saw it too young and never “got” it). Also, like I stated at the beginning…no John Hughes movies on this list because “John Hughes movies should have their own category”.

  2. Castor says

    Loved Roadtrip back in the days. It’s such an underrated film and there is nothing better than going on a Roadtrip across the country with a few friends!

    • Agreed, very underrated and totally dug it in college…and a few years after that. Definitely the the better of the college flicks out there and for what Animal House was to crazy antics on campus, this was like the “How to” guide for being off campus:P

  3. Cool…but no Heathers?

    Awesome list, anyway. Sex Drive is very underrated.

    • Yeah, just never got into Heathers like other people I know. But thanks for the comment Ripley. I happened to see Sex Drive on Netflix and just laughed my ass off. Underrated is an understatement:)

  4. Heather says

    Animal House and Risky Business are good, but I’m missing HEATHERS and Fast Times At Ridgemont High?????

    My favorite at the end of the day is definitely:

    DAZED AND CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ok people, OK, I get it. I’ll watch Heathers for a re-evaluation…Sheesh:P

      Am I being strong-armed into checking it out again for nostalgia sake, or is it really that good??