G-S-T Top 10 – Things You May Not Have Known About Me (Meme)

First off, I’d like to thank Meredith of M.Carter @ the Movies for getting me included on the latest cine-blogger topic. Here’s my nod to you Mer and as required, the “10 Movie-Related Things About Me” fulfilling my part of the reciprocity.


1. I’d like to thank an old school friend for getting me well versed in the world of Luc Besson. Steve, if you’re out there, my movie tastes have forever been expanded by our countless viewings of Leon and The Fifth Element.


2. My dad used to record a ton of movies on VHS at whatever setting would yield 6 hours of time. We had so many triple features that we’d record off HBO and Cinemax. But the one I think we watched so much we nearly wore out was our triple feature of Predator, Top Gun and Back to the Future. Now those were the days:)


3. I recently volunteered for the Dallas International Film Festival and it was incredibly rewarding to talk to Texas filmmakers of local independent films. However nothing topped this past Friday where I worked the Press Room and met Pete Docter (director of Up), Lou Diamond Phillips, and Frank Darabont in the course of an hour!! I so wish they would have let us take pictures, because with out visual proof, you probably think I’m making this up. I did get to sit in the first row the next day for a special 3D screening of Up and asked him a question during a Q&A…man I wish he would have stayed around to give autographs:(


4. The first DVD I ever bought was Ghostbusters. Sadly it was over a year before I owned an actual player…only reason I bought it was for a chance to win the Ecto-1…did I win? Nope, but I got a cool magnet along with the movie:) And funny enough, it is the first Blu Ray I ever bought as well…yeah, upgrade time!


5. In my elementary school days, I thought I was so cool because my parents would let me watch Aliens, The Terminator and all these R-Rated action films. Yup, until I got to Jr. High, I thought I was a pretty big deal…those 8th graders put an end to that real quick.


6. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is one of the most beautiful, technically advanced and fantastic films I’ve ever seen. It was so great that it inspired me to create our little blog. Originally titled “GreatCinematicTreasures” our blog sought to identify those films that were just as spectacular as Button (if not more so). Well that title didn’t roll off the tongue to well and so Pete (in one of his very very few contributions) came up with the new name for our site. We seem to like it better now:)


7. As a kid, I used to have a quite a collection of movie posters and cardboard display cutouts (from our local video store) in our basement. We had a water leak and most of my collection got damaged and was destroyed. My dad searched for weeks (this was before the Internet) for replacements and we ended up getting nearly 50 posters of LA Story trying to find the one that was in our basement. We never got that exact one…and the movie was not very good. Double bogey:(


8. I got my picture taken by the Batmobile at Six Flaggs as a kid. Only a little later did realize that (like Mall Santas), it was not the car from the film. Being broken hearted as a child should be a felony…but that’s just what I think. Also I was terrified of the red muppets from Labyrinth. Holy hell, they scared the crap out of me…and that was supposed to be a kids film!?! Well I’d like to hit the guy whoever said that.


9. Every Halloween between 2nd and 7th grade, I was a movie related “Trick or Treater”. Highlights include Indiana Jones in 4th grade, Dick Tracy in 5th, The Terminator (with glowing red eye and flayed skin) in 6th…yes, that was a costume for a 12 year old child.


10. Kind of like Val Kilmer said in The Saint…”$50 Million and then I’m out” I feel the same way about my movie collection. I am teetering on that 500 mark, but a little more weeding out a few more selective purchases, and I too will be out/done. That is until something sensational hits the theaters (like The Expendables) that I just have to buy:)


Finally to be relieved of my obligation, here’s some people I would like to commend the following people for their efforts to the wonderful blogging community. In no particular order (because we love you all so much):

The Film Cynics – Where they’re not afraid to give their opinions…how very cynical:P

Fandango Groovers – Andy runs a sweet site, is the brains of some successful multi-blog events and above all he has insightful content. He’s like the Patton of The Net (see that two movie references in one sentence).

FlixChatter – I know I’m not the first to call attention to how awesome Ruth’s writing is, but trust me…her writing is awesome. You think you know something about a movie? Check with Ruth and she’ll tell you what you don’t:)

CyniCritics – Those guys review the movies I like to see almost around the time I’m thinking about it. What’s your secret guys? Have you bugged my house?

Ross v Ross – Think you are a movie buff? Think again…Ross v Ross is no joke and their battles are the stuff of legend. Oh did you hear about that little scuffle between the Spartans and the Persians? Like kids fighting compared to R & R. Definitely the place to end movie battle discussions!


  1. Thanks for the nomination. You can see my facts here

  2. thanks for the nom Marc, great list
    you got to meet Lou Diamond Phillips!
    Renegades.. what a great movie

    • I sooo wanted to say to him, “And what’s that mean anyway, assay, assay?“…and then hope to God he would retort “It means stop
      Now that would have been a cool celebrity story:)

  3. mcarteratthemovies says:

    I knew you were cool. The fact that you dressed up as movie characters for Halloween just confirms it!

    My parents also let me watch R-rated movies before I probably should have. Hell, I remember going to see the “Diabolique” remake with Sharon Stone/Chazz Palminteri — you’ll recall it had full-frontal nudity — WITH MY MOTHER. Awwwwwwwkward.

    • Yeah that could get a bit uncomfortable, but it’s better than watching Irreversible with your parents…btw that never happened but if it did, someone would be in counseling foreeeverrrr!!

    • You went to see the Diabolique remake as a kid, that’s bordering on child abuse, no the sexual content, its just such a poor movie to make a kid watch. They should have just rented the video of the original!

  4. Olive says:

    Luc Besson, love him and like you have seen The Fifth Element so many times, have lost count.

    • Not a bad problem to have actually Olive:)

      But I could watch that anytime anywhere…I guess that’s why it’s on my phone and my Desert Island DVD list!

    • Me to, it’s a shame he doesn’t direct more films instead of just writing and producing. Nikita was the first subtitled movie I ever saw.

      • Yeah, the world needs more films directed by Besson. I think he could have made The Transporter series better if he had been more upfront with it. Instead it’s gone downhill and is wearing very thin (just like the last few Brosnan Bond films).

        But Taken was pretty damn slick, and I think letting Pierre Morrel take the reigns with that one was a successful move. Never saw Nakita, is it pretty awesome?

        • I think the best of his movies where he was writer and or producer but not director is a choice between District 13 and Taxi (original French not the crappy remake)

  5. Thanks so much for the shout out! Actually, we have developed technology to enter people’s mind and steal their secrets and thoughts… might write a screenplay about it, call it Inception or something like that.

    I totally recorded tons of shit of VHS too with my Dad!!! I watched wayyy too many Arnold, Jean Claude, Steven Seagal movies. But Predator and True Lies were regular favorites.

    I also agree with Benjamin Button. It may not be a super loved film, but wow is it made brilliantly. Great use of the new technologies in filmmaking for sure.

    • You got it! Hahahaha it’s that humor that made me select you guys in the first place:P

      Don’t hear much praise for Button so I’m glad to know you’re a fan!! Fincher is just awesome and knocks it out of the park with each film (although Alien 3 is definitely his weakest effort). The film is like just a treat with each viewing. Kind of like a fairy tale for adults…if that makes sense.

  6. Thank you for the kind words, Marc… I’m verklempt once again! Gosh, we must be kindred spirits, man, you mentioned The Saint on #10, guess what’s my Friday guilty pleasure post will be? 🙂

    Btw, #3 inspired me to get back to this guy who’s organizing a local film festival in my city. So good for you for doing that, Marc, cool that you got to see Frank Darabont, too.

    • While I’ve been a big fan of the Saint for years, I never payed attention to who the director was. Never saw a single Phillip Noyce but I listened to the commentary on The Saint recently and was quite surprised with how much that guy knows. Also he has a few neat stories about Val that are interesting. Looking forward to your write-up Ruth!. I’ve a draft of mine for the Off the Shelf series sitting in limbo for the past 6 months…lazy, you bet I am:P

      But yeah, the MSPIFF is going on right now I think, correct? Based on how much fun I had at the one in Dallas, I would highly recommend checking it out!! Also if yo like Frank Darabont, here’s a short but kind of insightful interview he gave while I was escorting him from room to room: http://www.redcarpetcrash.com/2010/04/19/video-frank-darabont-diff10/

  7. Great list, bro!

    I’m a big fan of The Saint, too. Only, I only had on VHS – it never made the format switch with me. My loyalty to the breathless perfomance of Elisabeth Shue could only go so far.

    I got my photo taken with The Blues Brothers at Universal Studios in Florida – only I was 16 and knew they weren’t the real deal. Was still cool to sit on the fake Bluesmobile.

    Hey, I tagged you first for this meme – but it’s nice to know we’re on your mind. 😉

    • As Charlie Brown would say “Arrrrghhh”. You got me Steve. I am not only oblivious, but lazy too:P Well it’s Friday, whaddya say we regroup on Monday for a shot at redemption for yours truly?

      Check out The Saint on DVD for Phillip Noyce’s commentary…he sounds waaay too rehearsed and prepped but it’s still insightful:) Also, Shue looks a bit better cleaned up on the digital transfer:P

  8. Woo hoo, glad to see fellow Saint fans. It’s my guilty pleasure post for today Marc, funny how we both have the same flick on our minds the very same week!