G-S-T Turns 1!!…Legally Drinking Still A Long Way Off…

Well it gives me great pleasure to tell you all that Go,See, Talk!, the movie blogging phenomenon (we wish) has made it through its first year of infancy. We’ve had some fun, met lots of great people, recorded some podcasts with and Flickchart’s Flickfights, made the IMDB Hit List a couple of times, received nominations for the oh so special “Kreativ Blogger Award” and just have a blast everyday with each new post.

It’s on this day of joyous celebration (with yours truly out of the country) that we’d like to thank all the visitors, commentors, and those regular readers who give us reason to live, take on the whole Empire myself, keep writing. Looking forward to another year of giving you the “highs and lows of the good and bad out there“. From the 3 guys who talk movies, music and more, we say Thanks for helping our blog grow!!


  • Barbara

    Happy Anniversary, and many, many more! So glad I came across you guys, and thank you for making me feel so welcome!

    • Marc

      Well Thank You very much! You keep reading and we’ll keep writing…promise! Glad to have you as a fan. Thanks for all your comments Barbara:)