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G-S-T Year In Review – Grady’s 2011 Wrap Up

This year went by pretty fast and like Ferris Bueller once said about life, “if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it“. Well, a decent number of films got by me, but I managed to lock in on a few of the best (and worst) of 2011. With that being said, here is my rundown of some gems that graced the big screen this year…

The idea of being able to unlock all of the memories in your brain, using one little pill, is very fascinating.


Once you see the movie, you will find it was much better than you expected.


This movie promised a lot of laughs, but fell well short of the goal.


The movie is enjoyable for fans of The Fast and the Furious franchise.  However, the movie should have been trimmed down to the 90 minute mark; 130 minutes is WAY too long.


This movie can and will be played over and over again.  Even if you are skipping to your favorite part(s) each time.


Dominic Cooper nails this dual-role, in a movie with a very controversial subject matter.


This movie takes you through the hilarity and hijinks of a typical animated film.  Then it delivers a double dose of heart; destined to be a classic.


Everything about this movie was well done.  Two thumbs way up. In fact, it’s so good it takes two G-S-T awards this year.


  • Andrew

    Looks like I have to see War Horse at some point. It’s Spielberg, anyhow, but it’s getting a lot of love over here (and elsewhere).

    Great choice on Limitless— I dug that one quite a bit myself. Solid, really well-made junk food entertainment.

  • Grady M

    War Horse was predictable, as Doc pointed out in his feedback to my review. However, it fits that classic mold of movies like The Natural (Redford). That’s a movie I watched with my grandfather, as a child, and this movie felt like that to me.

    I enjoyed Limitless quite a bit. Increasing my own neural activity, memory and other brain functions, has been of interest for a long time. There were several other movies I really enjoyed, but I watched this one several times in 2011. So, it was the winner for me.