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G-S-T’s Year in Review – 2010

What a year film fans! What. A. Year. Despite everyone (mostly James Cameron) thinking film would be changed forever after the obscene success of his billion dollar blue baby {read: Avatar} we got another typical year of good films and bad. And as far as bad film, insult to injury, some of the bad ones really flopped because of rushed post 3D conversions. While I unfortunately didn’t see everything I wanted to I still had a great time with the added bonus of missing things like Jonah Hex, Skyline and thankfully, every one of these. Whew!

A few weeks ago, while prepping for his year end podcast, The Mad Hatter at The Dark of the Matinee asked us to name the best film we saw this year. Honestly, I couldn’t answer right away. Why?? Well the best film I saw wasn’t necessarily my favorite. So after a flurry of brain cells raced for an answer and finally gave him one, in the back of my mind I kept pondering the great (and not so great) films I saw this year. The result of which was this list below.

So as a retrospective and final Top 10 for the year, I decided to create The Go,See,Talk 2010 Wrap Up. It’s a rather personal assessment (really just links to my previous reviews) of what this year had to offer including what I think is the “Best Film”. Consider my Oscar bet sufficiently placed:)

Just a fun ride all the way through…even if you don’t like Michael Cera.

Most people missed this in the theatrical run but it’s one of the year’s hidden gems. Tight, gripping, well acted and written, I loved it. Only drawback is that no one knows about it.

Go into this with loooow expectations and you’re bound come out smiling. Really fun B-movie send up and a cheap 3D gags galore will have you laughing…and cringing.

Hyped up to unhealthy levels (mostly myself to blame) and sadly Sly’s opus delivered nothing of value save for the stellar action overload. Hey, is it too much to want a good story?

The Predator (an icon of action and 80’s sci-fi awesomeness) certainly needed a revival…and this just wasn’t it, not by a long shot.

Q: Ridley Scott + Russell Crowe + another period piece epic = Gladiator 2??

A: No…the world sighs as this film drags, drags and drags some more to a pulse pounding but otherwise ho-hum ending.

A solid film in all aspects but one you can watch over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Thank you Chris Nolan!!

James Franco’s one man show is simply a fantastic performance…nuff said. See YOU at Oscar time. One thing though, can you host the Oscars and win one…guess we’ll see:P

Maybe unfair to say as I’ve yet to see How to Train Your Dragon…but Pixar really really got this right. Hey Lucas, take note: You want to go back to the well, this is how it’s done.

Wow, Wow and Wow…yes friends it’s that good. Anyone that hasn’t seen it, please do yourself a favor and see it soon. Just one piece of advice…do NOT see this with your parents.

I know I missed out on a good number of what will probably Oscar hopefuls plus some fun films (like How to Train Your Dragon) but oh well, that’s what I’ve got. How about you…Anyone care to comment? What are your favorites from this year?? Care to name anything you think will sweep the Oscars next year??

Lastly, a very Happy New Year to you all!!


  • rtm

    Nice idea for a 2010 wrap up, Marc! Totally agree with Expendables and Toy Story 3. Haven’t seen Black Swan yet, as I’m still trying to catch up to some Award faves (saw True Grit today and King’s Speech tomorrow). You should see ‘Dragon’ soon, it’s actually one of my faves of the year!

    • MarcC

      I’ve actually got Dragon coming this week from Netflix so I’m pretty excited:) But you should check out Black Swan. Although if you were hesitant about seeing Requiem for a Dream, don’t worry, this is far less depressing.

      • rtm

        I’ve decided I’d give ‘Swan’ a shot. I’m not crazy about psycho thrillers and someone mentioned this is like ‘Red Shoes’ meets ‘Carrie’ which didn’t help. It isn’t overly gory is it, Marc?

        • MarcC

          Well it’s not gory so don’t worry about that. The Carrie reference comes from the fact that Portman is, in a way, imprisoned by an overbearing/overprotective mother. Never saw the Red Shoes but this story gets a little dark and confusing because it slightly becomes a fairytale.

          It’s really about how someone goes crazy in their mad search of perfection…only she doesn’t know she’s mad. But that’s not a spoiler:)

    • sundryandco

      The King’s Speech was really good – I hope it’s favoured over some of the others in terms of the awards! The entire cast were as excellent as one would expect them to be. Fingers crossed!

      • MarcC

        I saw King’s Speech last Friday and was very very impressed. Such a solid movie based around three well played elements: story, acting and writing. You get those three done right and you don’t need jazzy SFX or much of anything else. I’m pulling for it to win a bunch of awards but I think Black Swan and 127 Hours are tough competition…oh and The Social Network too.

        • sundryandco

          I see it getting more awards than 127 hours…and hopefully more than Black Swan too.

          I hope 2011 will be a year for “toned down” movies – Getting back to the basics of what makes film-making so unique as a medium for storytelling. I’m all for the advances in technology and the uses thereof, but The King’s Speech is a nice calming example of what makes great viewing. It’s a nice change from the selection of visual epics streaming into the cinemas nowadays. A lot more substance to it.

          I don’t think I’ll ever get used to 3D films and glasses…unless they, whoever they are, create comfortable glasses with cushioning for the nose and ear 😀 And it would also be swell if I didn’t have to pay eleven euro to receive a pair of used glasses which they make you throw back into a box after the film. It involves viewing the entire feature through scratched lenses or missing 20 minutes of Tron while you forage like a moron in the aforementioned box, in order to locate semi-decent glasses. Recessionary measures 🙁 No wonder everyone is emigrating again!
          I think it’s time to invest in a pair of designer 3D glasses – Any recommendations? *

          *I didn’t realise I felt so strongly about a pair of spectacles ;D

          • MarcC

            I like what you’re saying. Still, toned down movies don’t pack people in theaters as much as BANG ZOOM movies do, stupid though they may be.

            The glasses really don’t bother me, I just balk at crappy 3D products.

            Hmm, I think Oakley has a pair of designer 3D specs but they go for about $150 – follow this link: ( Pricey but they’re the first pair of Oakleys that didn’t look like reject eyewear from the future.

            But with a number of tech giants testing glass-less 3D technology you might want to hold off.

  • Castor

    You, me are on the same page (for the most part ahha). Predators completely missed the mark and The Expendables was terribly disappointing indeed.

    • MarcC

      What made it worse is that I held out sooo much hope for Sly even going as far to see it midnight on opening night. I just couldn’t believe how bad it was. Poor poor poor me:(
      Lesson of the day: Don’t hype anything up

  • Luke

    I LOVE this list for an end of the year list. Great topics to pick from and a little funner the than the typical end of the year stuff. Good picks for your categories too.

    Black Swan was fantastic

    • MarcC

      Thanks Luke. I wanted to have a little fun with this…glad it came across that way:)

      I’m writing my Black Swan review today and should have that and my Tron Legacy review posts up this week…just been so dang busy

  • Aiden R.

    Dude, right there with ya’ on Scott Pilgrim. That movie did not get the love it deserved. Still bummed I missed Piranha 3D, and I’m all about your Best Pic choice. Well played, bucko.

    • MarcC

      Black Swan didn’t totally hit me with how good it was until a day or so later…but after that it’s all I’ve been thinking of. Arronofsky is just increasingly amazing and a visual genius (still not wild about The Fountain but it is so damned pretty to watch). I don’t know how Wolverine will play out; will Fox let him do what he wants, or will they have their hands all over it making his involvement irrelevant?

  • Klaus

    While i’ve yet to see Black Swan, overall, I thought 2010 was an abysmal year for Hollywood. My pick for best film of 2010 is Peter Mullan’s “Neds”.

    My hope for 2011 is that the 3D craze will die in 2011!

    • MarcC

      Hmmm haven’t heard of it…certainly will check it out if you think so highly of it. Let you know Klaus, thanks!

      But I liked what 2010 had to offer and didn’t think it was that bad. Although I can say that as I missed a huge chink of those bad ones:) I’d call that a win!

    • sundryandco

      I really want to see Neds, it being one of the most interesting acronyms around!

      I shall join you in your hopes for 3D failure. I’d quite like to watch the downfall of 3D in 3D.

      • MarcC

        Haha, “downfall of 3D in 3D”. Good one:) Yes I think it’s a fad that will wear itself out, mainly because it still hasn’t been perfected as a seamless element to enhance movies…more of a hindrance at times really (save for Avatar).

        If they can find a way to make it immersive, not blurry and with glassless technology (which they are testing at this years CES) then it may become a new standard and not just an annoying fad.