Gerard Butler To Lead Ridley Scott's Fact-Based Mercenary Thriller

Ridley Scott has signed on to direct and produce the story of Simon Mann, a former British army officer who, in 2004,  attempted to stage a coup against the president of Equatorial Guinea. This film would be financed and shot by the Scott Free production label Ridley started with his brother Tony. Though Scott and Butler’s schedules are tied up with their respective projects for quite sometime the two might be a while before they even get started but it’s still an interesting collaboration. Thanks to Collider for the tip…

Here’s a bit of history on the coup – Mann organized and led a group of mercenaries in a coup but he was caught in Zimbabwe while acquring arms for the assault. He spent 5 years in prison before being extradited to Equatorial Guinea to serve another 34 years. In 2009, a presidential pardon spared him on “humanitarian grounds” and he was returned to England. It’s is said that Mr. and Mrs. Mann are involved in the project and looking for studio interest. Robert Edwards (the upcoming The Bomb in My Garden) is attached to write the script.

Ridley’s highly anticipated Alien prequel is but the first in a line of projects in which he’s either quasi or fully involved; Gertrude Bell, Child 44 and the Blade Runner sequel are all more than just possibilities. On the other hand Butler has just finished Coriolanus and Playing the Field and is now a filming the film Mavericks (about surfing). Gerry should be ready to go anytime Scott is ready to take a breather, I just hope it’s sooner rather than later. What do you think? Anyone excited about a Ridley/Gerard film at all?? What do you think about the fact-based angle to the story??


    • ruth

      I’m so disappointed in you Markus, his accent is not shitty!! Ok so it’s not his best but he’s certainly more convincing than Sean Connery 🙂

      Well I’m excited for this Marc, you know in my world we always need more Gerry Butler, ahah. I was disappointed w/ the other project he’s gonna be doing w/ McCougnahey so seeing him working w/ Ridley is great news! I hope this one would actually happen real soon.

      • MarcC

        Now, now kids, play nice:) As far as Ridley goes, I was very worried about Promethius but after seeing the spread in EW I’m so much more intrigued…and why didn’t someone tell me Fassbender was playing an adrioid??

        Oh, and as a late answer your Twitter question Ruth, yes I directly was across the bloody table from Fassbender and it was an amazingly humbling and surreal 35 minute Q&A session. Audio coming in the next week or two:)