Sweet ‘Hunter Prey’ Poster

I’ve not heard much of this film until now but am eagerly awaiting next week’s release of Sandy Collora’s teaser for Hunter Prey.  The good folks at have scored an interview with Sandy Collora.  If you’ve been internet browsing in the past 5 years you should remember a little FanFilm called Batman: Dead End.  Well, that’s the same Sandy Collora.  If this still doesn’t ring a bell, here it is below:

I’ve got to say I had forgotten “Dead End” but despite it falling off my radar does not take away from how great the premise of the film was and that it was executed very well for a small budget film.  (Also if you liked Dead End you should check out the ‘Batman VS. Predator’ Dark Horse Comics that inspired it.)

Hunter Prey looks to take some “Star Wars” stylings and mix it with the plot (somewhat) of Pitch Black…that’s what I think anyway.  The poster for it alone should conger that ‘nostalgic’ excitement which a ’70s era [styled]  movie would evoke: think Planet Terror, Kill Bill and Death Proof and maybe the original Planet of the Apes.

I can say I’m looking forward to this one, but how about the rest of you? Are the poster and photos enough to peak your interest at least?