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Sweet (Teaser) Trailer…'Hunter Prey'

Well yesterday I mentioned it and today it has been revealed: The “teaser” for Sandy Collora’s Hunter Prey. has the exclusive info on the project and the teaser trailer which just looks very slick in a ‘retro’ way.  It has that indie feel that Collora gave to Dead End had but since this is a feature length film they put a little more budget and styling into it.  To me this seems exactly what the first Star Wars must have felt like when it premiered: a little unknown movie that surprised everyone and later became the sci-fi behemoth it is today.  I’m not saying it will be the next Star Wars but I think this will raise some eyebrows and if nothing else will be some great eye candy.  These days it’s possible for small budget films to do very well as long as they are conservative with their effects and the story is good.

Sandy, you’ve got my attention.  What do the rest of you think??