Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings – June 9th

OK, sorry to get anyone’s hopes up but this latest Indiana Jones adventure will not be coming to a theater near you, Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings will be a video game for the Wii, PS2 and PSP.  But don’t lose hope, I think this should make everyone very happy.  Even though this isn’t totally movie related, the fact that it’s a game based on a movie (the character anyway), and since we all love Indy, I had to post it.  I’ve said before that Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was terrible and just “too little, too late”, so even though this isn’t a big screen attempt to make up for its lack-luster performance, I think this news is just as good and should be cause for celebration…and here’s why…

Entertainment Weekly just posted news about the game, which comes out June 9th (just about 4 weeks away).  The EW page has a great video where Matt Shell of Lucasarts talks about the plot, unique gameplay and shows video straight from the game.  All I can say is that this looks sweet…and the visuals alone look to make it one of the most compelling Wii platform games yet.  For many people out there who love Indy (all of us at G-C-T included) I think this serves to give fans a well crafted game to get into and a much better story line than Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

So for those of you intrigued, check out the videos below for more eye candy and insight:

I’m totally stoked to play this game!!  I can’t believe I haven’t heard about this before but, now that I’m in the know, I’m so glad that I don’t have that long to wait before it comes out.  How about the rest of you?  Ready to ‘Crack that whip’??…I apologize for making a nod to Indy sound more like a Devo reference.