Interesting…Quentin Tarantino’s Top 8 of 2009

I’ve become fan of Quentin’s all over again since this year’s absoultuely awesome Inglourious Basterds remake.  So for you fans (new and old) The Hollywood Reporter has this little video of Quentin’s Top 8 movies so far this year.  Interesting, albeit short and incomplete…


Funny when he says, “obviously not mentioning my movie“.  The more I find out about him, the more I realize he’s not as pompous as I once thought.  Definitely not high and mighty if he’s including Observe and Report and the Sam Raimi return to horror camp Drag Me to Hell in his list of “Best Films”.  Ah, to each his own I guess, but what do you think?  Anyone agree with his list so far?  I’m about 50/50 with his selections, but that’s because I’ve only seen half of what he’s listed.  Guess I gotta get off my ass, then subsequently sit right back down and watch those.