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Interview…Blockbuster Podcast Team Takes A Deep Dive Into Season 2 and James Cameron

Over the years, one of the creatives we’ve been lucky enough to get to know is Matt Schrader. We first interviewed Matt back in 2016 while he was cooking up his first film – SCORE: A Film Music Documentary. This one-of-a-kind doc was quite the endeavor and Schrader made a lateral shift from his journalist background to take a big step into telling the story he wanted to tell. And, as score fans ourselves, we’re so glad he did!

On the heels of that, and using the contacts made while filming the documentary, Schrader and team (which included Kenny Holmes and Robert Kraft) started SCORE: The Podcast to give composers an intimate platform to tell more experiences from their careers.

In 2019, Schrader took things in a different direction with the original scripted series. Blockbuster Podcast Season 1 told the origin story of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg as they set off to make their first films: Star Wars and Jaws. The six-episode season also highlighted a little-known composer who helped those films soar and become blockbusters known around the world.

This year, Season 2 takes a look at an equally influential director who, so taken with his dreams (and inspired by seeing Lucas’ film), doubled down on his own talents and ambitions that he wowed the world with blockbusters of his own. His name is James Cameron.

We caught up with writer/narrator Schrader as well as Sound Designer Peter Bawiec and composer Fernando Arroyo Lascurain after the first six episodes of this even bigger season. And big doesn’t even begin to describe James Cameron – The Terminator, Aliens, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, True Lies, Titanic, Avatar….maybe you’ve heard of a few of them.

In short, the series Schrader and team put together is stunning and S2 kicks things way up. The quality of writing/narration, the breadth of material gathered, the music (you’ll be hooked from the first few underwater notes in Episode 1) and the stunningly realistic Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Paxton impressions transcends the format. The team, including Ross Marquand who voices Cameron, have outdone themselves. If you love film, especially behind the scenes stories, then this podcast will floor you.

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