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[Fantastic Fest Interview]…’You Might Be the Killer’ Creative Team Discuss Story and Love of ’80s Slasher Films

In the span of three and a half days at Fantastic Fest this year, I saw eleven films. That might not seem like much, but when you are covering the fest, writing reviews and interviewing talent, you run out of time real quick. To say that going to bed at 4:30 AM became the norm is an understatement.

All that aside, I really want to tell you about the best film that played at the Fest this year – or at least my favorite. That honor goes to an ’80s era slasher send-up called You Might Be the Killer. Check out my review here.

I was so taken with the film (as was our friend Bryan Kluger of after recommending it) that I just had to have a sit down with the creative team. Turns out they are pretty amazing guys, and just as fond of genre films as Bryan and myself.

We got to sit to producer Griff Furst, director Brett Simmons, and co-writer Thomas P. Vitale for nearly 30 minutes, and it was just as fun as their film. Enjoy our interview with the team behind You Might Be the Killer.

You Might Be the Killer is written/directed by Brett Simmons, and stars Fran Kranz, Alyson Hannigan, and Brittany S. Hall. The film is slated for release in October 2018.

Counselors are being killed off at summer camp, and Sam (Fran Kranz) is stuck in the middle of it. Instead of contacting the cops, he calls his friend and slasher-film expert (Alyson Hannigan) to discuss his options.