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Exclusive: Video Interview…Film Composer James Newton Howard

Oscar-nominated film composer James Newton Howard was invited to Dallas to perform some of his favorite and well known cinematic themes as the first performance kicking-off the 2012 Masters of Film Music series with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. But before he conducted his fantastic live retrospective concert, he agreed to meet with G-S-T for an exclusive interview.

Due to Mr. Howard’s hectic schedule we had to break our session with him into two parts. As you’ll see and hear in the video, he was extremely down to earth and answered a wealth of questions. We discussed a wide range of topics from his roots, his inspiration/motivation, his process and more. Enjoy this insightful sit down with one of the greatest working film composers and icon of the cinematic music world…

If it wasn’t already clear from the video, I am a huge fan of James Newton Howard’s work and was just a little intimidated talking to such an accomplished and talented musician. Signs, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Blood Diamond, Water for Elephants and Grand Canyon are among some of my all time favorite film scores by Howard. Yet as much as I adore the work of this uber-talented and versatile composer, I’m really looking forward to his future work in some of this year’s most anticipated films. I took so much away from our session with him and respect the amazing work he does and continues to do even more so.

What are some of your favorite James Newton Howard scores/themes? What are you most looking forward to from his upcoming 2012 projects??

Footnote: Go,See, Talk would like to give a huge thanks to James Newton Howard and his assistant for their time and to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra for arranging this interview with Mr. Howard.


  • ruth

    WOW, congrats on the interview Marc! Mr Howard’s work certainly is impressive. I think my favorite of his work has gotta be Batman Begins & The Dark Knight which he collaborated w/ Hans Zimmer. I also just saw Water for Elephants and liked the music in that, too.

    • MarcC

      Thanks a bunch Ruth…I’ve been a fan for years and this was just an awesome experience. Won’t argue with you on BB and TDK;) That’s really great music and I’m right there with you on Elephants, just wonderful.

    • MarcC

      Still reeling from the experience actually Castor *gushes*. It’s not often is it that you get to speak with one of your heroes and I’m lucky for the opportunity.

  • Warren

    Nicely done.   Interview gives us insight into Howard’s path to success.  You really expose how complex and diverse a successful guy like this is and, I guess, has to be.

    • RidgeRacer4

      Thanks Warren, you’re right. Even though he says he “just got lucky”, the trick to Howard being and staying successful is that he is being adaptive, although it helps that he’s REALLY good at what he does:)

      Thanks for the comment and Welcome to G-S-T!