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Jack Sparrow’s Comic-Con Announcement

There are a handful of sequels (and threequels) I can recall which have had completely unflattering efforts that are nothing short of insulting to some fans. Case in point: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. All that great build-up with 2 awesome films and what did we get? Just an awful, awful mess.

As to keep hope alive and whet the die hard fans’ appetites, the end of the film was like a precursor of things to come where they hinted at yet another grand adventure of Captain Jack Sparrow. But after an ending like that, who really cared? That film put me off the series and that’s been my firm stance on the matter for years. However this little video was recently shown at Comic-Con 10 and I think I now have a change of heart. It got me more interested than all the news and rumors I’ve read in the past year, but it’s probably just the music triggering a nostalgic response. Either way, I enjoyed it and if you haven’t seen this, I think you’re in for a treat…(click the image, the video link isn’t working)

Oh the fun I missed while not at Comic-Con. No matter, I’m pretty sure I’m going next year and will heavily partake in the fun to be had…but only if it isn’t dominated by Twilight like last year. What say you all? Is anyone interested in the next Pirates film at all?