Kevin Costner Cast In Multiple Tom Clancy/Jack Ryan Film Adaptations

A few years ago we were extremely excited to report on what looked to be a solid couple of years for Kevin Costner. Having current success that’s starting to rival his status in the 80s/90s Kevin is teetering on the brink of a renaissance. Sure he’s an Oscar-winning actor and director, let’s look past his altruistic humaitaian efforts and the fact he’s got some chops as a country musician, but now beyond Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, he’s going to be quite the hot commodity in Hollywood once again.

Kevin Costner was recently courted for and soon after signed on to a role in Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming Jack Ryan film for Paramount. Starring Chris Pine as Ryan, Costner would be the CIA operative/mentor who trains him; kind of like his role in The Guardian (which is better than people give it credit). But on the heels of that role would be a follow-up Jack Ryan spin-off, the start of a franchise beginning with a film called Without Remorse featuring another Tom Clancy character John Kelly. That project is being crafted in by The Usual Suspects alum Christopher McQuarrie who is both writing and loosely attached to direct.

Pretty much the hottest young actor working, Paramount is eyeing Tom Hardy for Kelly, although he’s not officially taken the role. Kevin Costner’s film adaptation spanning role would have him playing William Harper, who is described as a “true blue American idealist who recruits and mentors both Ryan and John Kelly.” Seems like a lock for the upcoming “Pa Kent” but in keeping with the Clancy universe, his character is expected to be more akin to James Earl Jones’ Admiral Greer.

With any luck Costner’s inclusion in this film and subsequent series would have him as a staple in the franchise as Harper is further described as a “linchpin” in both films, similar to Nick Fury’s presence in Marvel’s Avengers-based films. Fingers crossed this might even lead to a standalone film for Costner one day. But how cool does that sound Costner fans?? We don’t have to tell you this but we’ll DEFINITELY keep you posted on this and all other Costner news. Thanks to Deadline for the tip.