Kevin Costner, I Salute You!!

While I’ve long said that Kevin Costner is one of my favorite actors, this is yet another reason why I think the man is so great. While the BP oil disaster has been going on for far too long, I’m glad to see there’s some hope on the horizon. I know this news is about a month old but I just heard about it on Yahoo and thought it was interesting.

Kevin Costner and his brother developed an oil filtration system over 15 years ago and it is now (finally) being brought to the front lines of the oil spill sites. As you’ll see in the video he is passionate about the environment and is one clear voice who should have been given some attention right after the oil line busted.

(sorry the audio isn’t that great)

So while of you may think he’s a terrible Robin Hood, he’s one great humanitarian. This second video shows the machine in action…let’s hope it works this well in the ocean.

And who said actors can’t do great things away from the camera…but I’m still not a fan of Sean Penn and the personal views of every nut-job parodied in Team America World Police.


  • Olive

    That changed my mind about Costner, I’m always happy to see other celebrities pitching to save the environment & not just Leo DiCaprio & Al Gore.

  • FRC Ruben

    What’s wrong with Sean Penn? Just because he’s liberal? The guy was Spicoli for God’s sake.

    • Marc

      In the film world he can be anyone the script tells him to be. In real life he’s just a pompous snob…but he was pretty great in The Game so I’ll give him that:)

  • Darren

    I actually always thought he was pretty decent – just made some awful, awful choices in the mid-nineties. I do want to see Mr. Brooks, though. Costner as serial killer is too interesting to pass up.

    And I actually thought he was a pretty decent Robin Hood.

    • Marc

      Good to meet another Costner fan (especially for Robin Hood) and glad we’re in agreement then Darren:) Mr. Brooks was awesome…check out Open Range if you haven’t already!

      Seems like he wasn’t alone in mid-nineties misteps: throw Stallone and Ah-nuld into that group. Such an unpredictable time for entertainment (both films and music) actually.

  • rtm

    Talk about a real Robin Hood! 🙂 I’ve always liked Costner though I might not always enjoy his films. And glad I’m not the only one who has no love for Sean Penn.

    • Marc

      Again Ruth, we agree…maybe we should start our own podcast…call it “Marc and Ruth’s ode to Stuff We Like”…with many brief forays into The Rocketeer and TD of course.

  • Jessica

    Heard this on NPR last month. It’s good to see celebs use their power for good instead of promoting crap like Jenny Craig. 🙂

    • Marc

      Ooh, thanks Ruth, I’ll get this up in the next day or so…and so high on your list. I’m quite flattered:)

  • Castor

    Very cool indeed! Sadly, we could use a few thousand more of those given the extent of the damage being done 🙁

    • Marc

      I would have thought response crews would have tried to use anything that seems like it would work and have it rushed to the front lines. If it didn’t, at least they gave it a shot, as opposed to sitting around talking about it.

  • Dreher Bear (...Where The Buffalo Roam)

    Last Fall, Kevin Costner was in my college town for the South Dakota Film Festival for an anniversary screening of Dances with Wolves and did a Q&A afterward. While I wasn’t able to get in, the overall consensus from the people who were able to get in was that he was a nice and humble person. He didn’t turn down any fan (supposedly) who wanted to take a picture with him. It’s nice to see him in the spotlight to put the much-needed pressure to help find a good solution to this oil spill crisis.

    • Marc

      Too bad you didn’t get to hear him speak. But that really impresses me that he’s so down to earth. As actors, you can kind of expect them to put on a face to a crowd but when you see Costner talk from the heart it seems so genuine.

  • Peter Eramo Jr.

    Wonder why so many are scared to say they love this guy! I have always been a tremendous fan of his work as an actor, a director and now — earth saver! He does it without pretension too. Saw him interviewed on Anderson Cooper. Fine work, Kevin! And great job in adding this to your site guys!