Max Landis Set to Direct, Not Write, 'Me Him Her'

Well, here’s a cool bit of news from Variety: Max Landis, A.K.A “Son of Landis” and the man behind this year’s sleeper hit Chronicle, is going to step out from behind the keyboard and settle right down into the director’s chair. According to the press release, it looks like he’s going to be at the helm for Big Beach Films’ comedy project Me Him Her.

After Chronicle, seeing Landis take on a comedy– particularly a comedy focusing on three twenty-something leads dealing with what sounds like an array of sexual identity crises– may strike a few out there as being somewhat odd at first blush. With a few moments of consideration, though, the pairing actually makes a lot of sense. Chronicle is, after all, a film that concerns itself with character development and interplay between cast members first and foremost; the high-flying magic and super-powered action scenes come in a close second, but second nonetheless. Of course, Josh Trank was the man behind all of those moments, but based on the writing it’s clear that Landis understands how these elements are meant to work when they leap off the page and come to life on the screen.

So as far as I’m concerned, Landis sitting at the wheel of a comedy film from the production studio behind Safety Not Guaranteed sounds like a great idea. Nothing wrong with Landis getting more work, at the very least, but from the sound of things Me Him Her won’t follow standard genre patterns and intends on getting very, very oddball– at least if you take Landis’s claim that the devil makes an appearance with more than a grain of salt. Either way, consider me sold.

(Source: Variety)