“Miyazaki Madness” Coming in March!!

Calling all you Miyazaki fans out there! Last year, Castor and Red at Anomalous Material spearheaded the amazingly successful Greatest Comedy of All Time Tournament. Inspired by its awesomeness, G-S-T is going to try our hand at something similar. Like Disney and Pixar, Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli films have thrilled audiences of all ages the world over. As I’ve always loved and been fascinated by the works of Studio Ghibli (more specifically Hayao Miyazaki), Go,See,Talk will be hosting something we call “Miyazaki Madness“. It’s a month long tournament celebrating the magical and timeless films from that iconic animation powerhouse.

Throughout February I’ll be re-watching Miyazaki’s classics to appropriately rank them prior to the upcoming event. The roster will include his work prior to and at Studio Ghibli as well as the popular Isao Takahata’s films. The bracket announcement is set for the first week of March and the tournament will last through the first week in April (running in tandem with the NCAA Tournament if you couldn’t tell).

It’s going to be Animation Domination with 16 titles vying to be “The Greatest Miyazaki (or Takahata or Studio Ghibli) Film“. And the best part is YOU vote for the winner. So I invite all you Miyazaki fans (hardcore, casual and newbies) to participate and speak up for your favorite film. I’m looking forward this and it should be a lot of fun. Check back on March 1st for more info!!