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Nic Cage & Brett Ratner Should Be Stranded On An Island Somewhere…

Really, what purpose do Nicolas Cage films serve other than a chance for him to showcase his latest wig/hair do?? I admit I love The Rock and actually like the first National Treasure however those are two high points among a resume of  films where I personally find little else appealing. In my eyes, he offers nothing of value to any film and the crazy antics he’s know for just don’t fly in film these days. I will give him that he was pretty damn good in Bad Lieutenant and his small role in Kick Ass was unexpectedly hysterical but face it. You won’t stay in the Yankee’s starting line up if all you can deliver is base hits. Which is far from the home runs he used to rake in in the 90s. But somehow he just seems to make at least 3 movies a year. Now I don’t want to say I hate the guy but for me, that’s still 3 movies too many. Cage continues to make unappealing films and with Drive Angry 3D (look it’s Ghost Rider in a car) and of course the sequel no one has been waiting for Ghost Rider 2 (shudder), I can easily identify which movies I won’t be seeing.

So while I’ve been thinking about this for some time, I have to give thanks to Darren at The Movie Blog who posted this awesome video from College Humour that really caused me to post this. For those of you who haven’t see it, this is genius…

Now that your laughter has subsided, let’s move on to Mr. Brett Ratner. Personally I don’t have it in for the guy as much as Cage, I just think he’s about as useful and appealing as melted Popsicle. Sure music video directors have made fairly successful transitions to film (Marc Webb, Spike Jonze, Micheal Bay) but he still has a way to go if you ask me.

I didn’t hate X-Men: The Last Stand but think it could have benefited more from a rewrite than having Matthew Vaughn at the helm. Though it’s tough for me to dislike anyone who is friends with Michael Jackson, but these two just need to stop making movies. The Rush Hour films ran their course and he’s still got a few things in the pipeline (including some producer work on this Fall’s Catfish and Skyline). Though a number of you might wonder what Ratner has to do with Cage. Well, Ratner directed Cage in The Family Man and it was a decent flick for the two of them I still feel they individually aren’t doing us religious theater-goers/film fans any favors.

Since (somehow) both of their films make money it’s a good bet that they won’t stop making them. Further they are both undoubtedly laughing all the way to the bank but it won’t stop me from disliking their work. So I guess the point of this post, aside from my personal opinion on the matter is to ask, is it just me or does anyone else feel the same way? Also are there any other filmmakers/actors that need to go to this island as well?? McG perhaps???