Ohhh, Look…Nintendo Characters Reimagined In Stunning Japanese Woodblock Artwork

A few months back our friends at Geekologie featured some stellar artwork from artist Jed Henry and printmaker David Ball (of Ukiyo-e Heroes). The duo’s work in Japanese woodblock should more than delight art enthusiasts and those from the 8-bit generation. Below are some signature pieces from the collection which show their take on the more famous Nintendo properties. Among them are some stunning renditions of The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong and Castlevania to name a few.

Have a look and be amazed. Also, at the bottom, are two videos that show the intricate and painstaking color process for the Mario Kart piece. The Japanese word for Wow is Sugoi, but what’s the translation for effen amazing?!

Check out the Ukiyo-e Heroes webiste (where prints are available) and be sure to like them on Facebook.