Ohhh, look…20th Century Fox: 75th Anniversary Editions

I was looking at IMDb this morning and I found something pretty cool. In honor of 20th Century Fox’s 75th Anniversary, they are releasing some very special editions of their more popular movies. Unfortunately it looks like they’re just bundling 2 or 3 movies that are quasi similar and selling them as 75th Anniversary Editions. However here’s where the “cool” part comes in.

Go to the site, and enter for a chance to win their grand prize of $75,000 with a little scratch off game. If you don’t win, you can again tomorrow and the next day and so on until the contest is over. Second, and to me the coolest part of it all, is that they have some pretty sweet looking posters (pics attached below) which are redeemable when you buy one of the editions of the film.

While I’m on the fence about rebuying the movies just because of the re-release (still not clear if they’re Blu-Ray or not) I’ll admit to liking these posters…sure would be nice if this was the cover art for the so-called Anniversary Editions.

Follow this link to see all the titles in the catalog…or do what I do and just oogle at the posters. There are 8 total but the three below are my favorites. Enjoy!!

What do you think? Anyone interested in any of these posters? I’m thinking of getting one or two of the Special Editions but still can’t make up my mind. I should just get one so I can get the sweet Patton poster:)