Ohhh, Look…Anatomy of Famous Movie Monsters

Sure, some, if not most, of the best movie monsters are nothing more than latex, foam, animatronics and heaps of prosthetics all of which are made famous by thankless performers sweating it out on movie sets. But what if those feared and memorable cinematic critters were living breathing creatures? Well in a fun series of anatomical illustrations we see how artist Brad McGinty sees these iconic film heavies. Thanks to Geekologie for the tip!

So have a look at these awesome 80’s era diagrams…only don’t ask us to translate. Enjoy!

Whatcha think? 100% dope are they not? Don’t these seem like the kind of bonus card you’d find in a pack of Garbage Pail Kids trading cards? Well except for the Mars Attacks one of course. The Predator one really caught my eye and if ,like me, you’re really taken to the design, you can get both the Alien and Predator anatomy designs on a t-shirt. How cool is that??


    • RidgeRacer4

      Yeah but only if you knew what they said right?:P And I like how he put his name at the bottom corner of the Alien and Predator ones…neat!