Ohhh, Look…Artist Meagan Hyland's Awesome Movie Alphabet

As a film fan, it’s always exciting to see some neat movie related artwork and fan made posters. There are tons of movie related minimalist posters out there and while a number of them are fun and offer a slight digital diversion, today we found something rather remarkable. Uberly creative graphic designer Meagan Hyland has come up with a stunning batch of film related artwork she simply calls Meagan’s Movie Alphabet. She’s put some time in and the designs are flat out brilliant and witty in their simplicity.

So enough yammering, have a look at the tastier picks from her collection below and then head over to her site to see the whole shebang from A to Z…

You can also check out the Tumblr page she created for the Alphabet. These are just plain awesome. What are your favorites??