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Ohhh, Look…Fake Trailer for 'Machete Kills Again…In Space!'

Machete Kills Again In Space BannerAll of you Danny Trejo fans know that “Machete don’t text” and “Machete don’t tweet” but Machete, like James Bond, will always return…we hope at least. Those of you brave souls and die-hard Robert Rodriguez fans who supported everyone’s favorite machete brandishing vigilante already know the absurdity in the video below. Those of you who missed out really missed out – this has to be seen on the big screen – as Rodriguez takes insane to a whole new level. This the fake trailer for the sequel to Machete Kills that played…wait for it…before the film even started. Now how’s that for funny?

Sit back, and prepare to laugh, a lot, as RR and the gang go all-out in this exceptionally wacky trailer for the forthcoming (we hope anyway) Machete Kills Again…In Space!.

In a way, having such a condensed can of awesomeness precede Machete Kills kind of set the bar too high for the actual film (spoiler: it’s not half as riotous as this trailer). But regardless of its lulls the film is still a fun and balls-out crazy ride (so says me in my glowing review). Now for some more laughs, enjoy the fabled “They Call Him Machete” song written and performed by composer Carl Thiel (check out our interview with him here and here) and Robert Rodriguez’ band Chingon.

This Grindhouse inspired action series, and the genre revival as a whole, has kind of reached its end but you can’t say it wasn’t fun while it lasted. Who knows, maybe Rodriguez will get the band back together for one last romp just to round things out with a trilogy…only time will tell.

Footnote: Header and banner artwork featured was created by Michael Marczewski. Take a look at his other stuff, there’s lots of cool pieces…and he’s also a big fan of Moonraker apparently.