Ohhh, Look…Fan-Made "For Your Oscar Consideration" Poster

This goes out to all you fans of Daft Punk. More specifically those of you who LOVE their music from TRON Legacy. While it was at time the score was so much more exciting than the film, Daft Punk knocked this right out of the park. Apparently I’m not the only one who thought highly of it as an artist at Deviant Art has created this awesome “For Your Oscar Consideration” poster. Equal parts retro and innovative it’s just graphically stunning. Very awesome and I think calling this “Dope” sums it up nicely:P Check it out below!!

I highly suggest if any of you haven’t either heard or bought the album you do so NOW. Amazon ran a $3.99 MP3 download special the day it came out and I snatched that right up. Right now, it’s going for $4.99 but it’s still a steal as you’ll definitely listen to this many, many times over. FYI, for just two more bucks, all you can really complete your album with iTunes exclusive tracks “Father and Son” and “Outlands Part II”.

Despite Daft Punk’s techno background, the Tron Legacy Soundtrack has more orchestral leanings and has an electronic tone but the feel and weight of Inception. Almost like it’s trying to be a blend of Hans Zimmer and Vangelis. Anyway, fingers crossed it gets some justice at the Oscars as it seems to have been snuffed at the BAFTAs. Thanks to First Showing for the heads up!!


    • MarcC

      If you want great finds check out or / They’re my hot sheets for film news…I just echo it and throw in enough personal opinions to make the post uniquely my own XD

    • MarcC

      Precisely what I thought Ross. I said it in my review but it’s worth repeating. The jaw dropping I experienced was actually me yawning and I found myself bored just past the halfway mark. PIty. Annnd they’re already close to green lighting a sequel? Why? What more does anyone want?