Ohhh, Look…First Two & A Half Minutes of Pixar Epic ‘Brave’

Seems more and more movies are releasing a “sneak peek” like this to pique interests. That’s fine with me and in a way I prefer over a cherry picked or misleading trailer. So for those eager to see Pixar’s first epic/period piece film Brave, feast your eyes on the first two and a half minutes…

Kelly Macdonald stars as Merida and leads an impressive cast inlcuding Billy Connolly (The Boondock Saints), Emma Thompson (Love Actually), Robbie Coltrane (the Harry Potter series) and Kevin McKidd (Grey’s Anatomy). Disney has slated Brave for release this Summer on June 22nd, 2012.

And in case you missed it yesterday, here is the second, might I add very vibrant, theatrical poster for Brave.

I can’t wait!! I feel bad for the long hours the render department spent on Merida’s hair but it, along with the rest of the film, looks gorgeous so far. What do you all think? Anyone excited to see how Pixar fares in their first period piece epic??


  • Andrew Crump

    Fantastic. Love the work Pixar’s revealed thus far on establishing their setting. Most of all, though, I love, love, love the slow-motion shot of Merida loosing that last arrow– the way it bends and quivers before meeting its mark and out-Elwes’ing Robin Hood. Can’t wait for this.

  • The Director

    Ooh! Looks better than I first thought it would be. This is definitely going in the list of things to see in theaters this year. Thank you for sharing, I never would have found the clip otherwise! 🙂 
    And yes, it is absolutely gorgeous!