Ohhh, Look…Full History of 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'

GrandBudapestHotel_BannerWell it ain’t the Happiness Hotel but Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel looks to be the type of quirky environment to house each and every offbeat character his wacky mind can create. In keeping with his unique vision Fox Searchlight created this awesome and in-depth viral website for the film under the guise of a museum called the “Zubrowka Akademie Historic Library“.

In it lies a veritable history lesson of events surrounding and concerning the giant pink mountain oasis. Click over to to learn more about the history of the area and stories behind these vintage (but fake) trinkets and souvenirs from the hotel as well as its most famous (but still fake) guests…


Here’s a nice world-building blurb from the site along with videos and Easter eggs to be found along with each artifact:

“The Republic of Zubrowka, home of the illustrious Grand Budapest Hotel possesses a rich heritage known only to the few who have thought to seek it out. For the first time ever, explore the detailed political, cultural and artistic world of 20th-century Zubrowka… Learn about the military coup of 1935, the involvement of The Grand Budapest Hotel and the roving cast of characters that make up its intricate past.”


GBH archive

gbh Finnes

Murray GBH

gbh Norton


Grand Budapest Hotel trailer 1

There are plenty more slides to ohh and ahh over (if you like Anderson’s Eruo-themed vintage stylings of course) as well as more history about the gargantuan fuchsia, I mean Grand Budapest Hotel at the official viral site: Fox Searchlight will bring The Grand Budapest Hotel to theaters on March 7th, 2014. Have you booked your room yet?