Ohhh, Look…Ginormous Banners for 'The Dark Knight Rises' – UPDATED

If you didn’t already have 100 reasons to see the other biggest comic book film of the year then here are four more to add to your list. These HUGE banners for The Dark Knight Rises have hit the web and they look stunningly epic. I don’t think it’s worth saying anything else for right now other than stop whatever you’re doing and look at these AWESOME banners

Click on any image to see the HUGE and hi-rez version

UPDATEDAnnnd here’s 2 more international banners…

Wow, those banners make you feel like you’re in the movie, don’t they? Now think of how awesome this is going to be on IMAX! Warner Bros has slated The Dark Knight Rises for release (on regular and IMAX theaters) everywhere this Summer on July 20th, 2012. It’s really not a question of ‘will you be there?‘ but rather how many times will you go back to see it??