Ohhh, Look…Reverent Salute To Director Tony Scott

No matter the time, place or cause, it seems that icons of the film world are always gone far too soon. With equal amounts of shock and sadness we we learned that maverick director and visionary Tony Scott was also taken from us. For decades he’s given us memorable films, truly one of a kind stories and a look that really was all his own. In the very touching video below, created by Nick Bosworth of  JoBlo compiles this rather heartfelt tribute to Scott. So put on your aviators (to hide the tears) and enjoy this reverent trip down memory lane…

His death affected me deeply as I consider myself to be partly raised by his films given Top Gun was actually the first movie I ever saw with my parents. For over 30 years Tony has blazed a path of incredible film-making which is why I on behalf of wanted to create this special video dedication in his honor. We wish all the best to his friends and family and also to every fan around the world. You’re so cool Tony, you’re so cool.” –’s Nick Bosworth. I don’t think I could have said it better myself. RIP Tony.