Ohhh, Look…Pixar Short 'La Luna' On-Line NOW!!

Most audiences on the planet automatically know that when going into a Pixar film they’ll be wow’d by great visuals and, more importantly, superb storytelling. But of equal and sometimes better quality are their fantastic short films like Partysaurus Rex. Case in point; this year, with Brave, we got the studio’s first Princess story but while it didn’t have quite the impact they regularly offer fans, the short La Luna couldn’t have been better.

A wondrous story about a boy, his father and grandfather and their celestially custodial family business La Luna is magical and has the makings of a classic…if you could consider an animated short a classic that is. Today it showed up on-line and is out for all to see. So for those of you who missed Brave in theaters, here’s your chance to catch the shooting star that is La Luna ahead of the home video release of  Brave on Blu-Ray/DVD (or you can see it on the Pixar Short Films Collection 2 which is out today). Enjoy!!

Maybe it’s just me (and I might be just a tad biased) but while the story and visuals were magical, it’s the music from Michael Giacchino that puts this story over the top…or should I have said, “over the moon”? Anyway, La Luna is written and directed by Enrico Casarosa (storyboard artist on Up, Ratatouille, Ice Age and Robots) who is no stranger to animation. Here’s hoping that these shorts are further proving grounds to allow young directors and animators to one day take the helm of a feature lengthy Pixar production. Casarosa has the chops so fingers crossed he’ll get a big project of his own. What do you think of La Luna??